The Weapons of the American Citizenry  (the Militia) are "necessary to the security of a free state".

 Any attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment is null and void.  Any attempt to disarm / confiscate the weapons of the American Citizenry is an Act of War. 

  April 19, 1775



   America is founded upon the belief in God.  Our rights derive from God, not governments.

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 2nd AMEND - what it is about

April 19, 1775

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Prayer to St. Jude

Patriotic Songs - We are PROUD TO BE AMERICANS

The 10 Orders American Citizens Will NOT Obey

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Reflections Watch it and take a stand

View:   "2AToday for The USA"

Remember D-Day


View: "No Guns for Negroes" (racist history of American gun control laws)

View: "No Guns for Jews"

Gun Control is life insurance for those Government Officials scheming to steal the rest of your Bill of Rights.

Know Your Enemy

The Islamic / Sharia Threat! 

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The Gang


-Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an American

-Illegal Aliens:  Invasion; National Security Threat; threat to the American Bill of Rights Culture 


-Churchill on Islam (1899)

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-Nazi Repression and Gun Control
-Lethal  Laws

-Nanjing Massacre

-The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 
-She Shot the Nazi Officer ... and saved the children. - what would you do?
-Order to Seize American's Guns - Patriot's Day, April 19th


-Now is the time for Americans to Defend America

-RKBA Senate Report 1982

-American Holocaust




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The INDIVIDUAL Right to Keep and Bear Arms: As a Free American, it's YOUR RIGHT, it's YOUR DUTY.

It's not about Guns. It's about defending our God given Bill of Rights from governmental tyrants and oppressors.  Such is a last resort  to enforce the Bill of Rights when all else has failed, and when the deadly defensive use of firearms is necessary to secure the blessings of liberty and freedom.  


A MUST READ: Revitalizing the “Militia of the several States”  parts  123

Lexington Green, April 19, 2009 
Militia of the several States is crucial Edwin Vieira

An Open Letter to Michael Savage from JPFO  - ANOTHER MUST READ!



"Being a remedy of last resort, well aimed gun fire is constitutionally mandated as against tyrants and oppressors." ( 2/1/09)

Militia / American Revolutionary War Flags

Shasta County School Teachers and Staff - CCW Training - S.P.E.A.R (Staff Partnered Emergency Armed Response)

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7/30/2011 Cop under fire for beating, arresting man -- for videotaping police!
Canton PD Notification Arrest & Officer Conduct
How to Draw and Holster your firearm
Praxis: Litter Evacuation. No conflict comes without casualties.
4/29/2011: Obama's McCain resolution demands 'American' parents President's 'birth certificate' confirms dad Kenyan citizen  Obama is NOT president, and he knows it. He has intentionally defrauded America. His purported election is Constitutionally NULL AND VOID. Congress and  the Courts have affirmatively violated their Oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution. 
Operation Safety Net
Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent
Government cover up.
1/23/2011 Faceoff! States tell feds to back down What if Washington made a law and nobody obeyed? Even if the U.S. Supreme Courts rules for the fed, the States must nullify... and must be prepared to stand their ground by revitalizing their State Militias (which is necessary to the security of a free state) (see 2nd Amend).
1/14/2011 Lawmaker's new proposal would hit feds with charges
Tells IRS, DEA, BATFE agents to get authorization for arrests from sheriffs
...and if the courts determine the law invalid, then the States must exercise State Nullification. Another reason each state must revitalize its Militia.
12/19/2010 Death Squads Government today is able or willing to do so—or “death squads” Edwin Vieira
12/19/2010 Police treat pro-gun bumper sticker as probable cause for pat down
12/16/2010- Interesting Article: When police break down your door - Story
12/13/2010: Critics say TSA comment 'opens door to pedophiles' Children's advocates warn touching kids not a 'game' This is child molestation! You are witnessing  tyranny and oppression! Start calling it what it is. When are Americans going to refuse and actively resist? What if 200 passengers  had come to the aid of this child, demanding that the TSA backoff?  Witness the sheeple parent(s) as their child is molested by government goons in uniform. One action plan: have local Police officers follow their Oath,  and arrest, search and place these TSA employees in jail. The TSA employees should then be prosecuted at the local level. (State nullification). 
12/6/2010 BIG SIS INVADES WAL-MART: 'IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING'... Well, we do see something - government perverts sexually assaulting American Citizens and violating our Bill of Rights every day at the airports. And did you hear about the training of TSA agents about sensitivity to Muslims?  
12/6/2010  on the subject of "resistance" to tyranny and oppression: 

 "...As for veterans, their responsibility is a bit different than the responsibility of the current serving. As we veterans are no longer under orders, and no longer part of the government, we are now part the people – who retain their ultimate sovereignty. We have a responsibility, along with the rest of the American people, to resist the destruction of our liberty and to rebuild our Republic. Though no longer under orders, we still consider ourselves to be bound by our oath to defend the Constitution. If you want to characterize any Oath Keepers as being willing to resist by any means necessary, it would be the veterans, not the active duty. However, we veterans will exhaust all peaceful and lawful means left to us before we ever consider taking up arms. As Jefferson said in our Declaration of Independence:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

We still have peaceful means of redress and correction, including resistance by our sovereign states, and it is incumbent upon us to exhaust all such remedies, just as the Founding generation exhausted all peaceful means of defending their lives, liberty, and property before taking up arms. But it really should go without saying that, just as with our forefathers, if we are left no other alternative but to fight, then by God we will. As our Declaration also says:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government. ..."

Stewart Rhodes - Oath keeper (see entire article here)

Note: We must throw off those government officials who pervert the Constitution.
Virginia plan to cancel Congress' 'authority'Legislative proposal exempts 'all goods' from oversight by feds--WND
12/5/2010 Texan calls for jail time for enforcing Obamacare Proposal defines demanding compliance as felony with penalty of 5 years, $5,000
12/3/2010: Below is a video from from Oath Keeper Board member Sheriff Mack giving a speech on how a real Constitutional Sheriff would have handled the Famous Rosa Parks Bus Ride. Sheriff Mack has stated many times that Rosa Parks is his hero and has told this story all over the country. Continue ...
12/3/2010 Firearms Freedom Act Heads to the Ninth Circuit Court on Appeal

See Comment at right - >>




















Comment: Stewart Rhodes: "...And when it comes to resisting federal violations of the Constitution, it should be the sovereign states that take a lead role, not the military. That is the second point I make in response to questions of why the military doesn't "do something about Obama." When Jefferson (the author of the Declaration of Independence) and Madison (considered the "father" of the Constitution) acted in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts, they didn't pay a visit to George Washington at Mt. Vernon and ask him to come out of retirement and lead a military coup against the Adams Administration. They didn't ask the military to act. Instead, they went to the state legislatures and urged the states to resist. They wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (also highly recommended reading), which declared that any act by Congress contrary to the Constitution was null and void, and should be nullified by the states. And notice that they didn't go hat in hand to the federal courts (dominated by Federalists) and ask the courts to rule the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional. Jefferson and Madison asserted that the state legislatures had an independent right and duty to judge the constitutionality of federal laws and actions.

Again, the Founders' answer to that ancient question of who shall guard the guardians was that we should be our own guardians, in the form of an armed people, formed into state militia, within sovereign states, with the state legislatures taking the lead in resistance to federal usurpation of powers never granted. Our first line of resistance should be through our state legislatures. Madison and Jefferson showed us the way."... Copy of interview here at

See brief article

12/2/2010- Former New Orleans police officer sentenced in Katrina shootings - Story 

Court Testimony: "When the officers stopped firing, defendant HUNTER walked toward the back of the  truck on the passenger side. While defendant HUNTER was still on the passenger side of  the truck, near the walkway, he saw several civilians, who appeared to be unarmed, injured,  and subdued. Sergeant A suddenly leaned over the concrete barrier, held out his assault rifle,  and, in a sweeping motion, fired repeatedly at the civilians lying wounded on the ground....The civilians were not trying to escape and were not doing anything that could be perceived  as a threat." Source:

Lt Col Allen West
11/23/2010 Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes on The Rise of Authoritarianism and How US Law Enforcement Can Take a Stand for Freedom. Click Here to read the entire interview at The Daily Bell  /Copy at
11/23/2010 Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airline...
11/23/2010 Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses...

“Molester, pervert, disgusting, an embarrassment, creep. These are all words I have heard today at work describing me. ...These comments are painful and demoralizing,” one unnamed TSO posted on Frischling’s website.

Comment: Really, words offend you? It seems TSA employees are very lucky Americans are only using words after they have been  fondled, molested and sexually assaulted. 
BIG SIS: Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro...
11/23/2010 Time to arm airline passengers? - Story
11/21/2010 WND Petition - stop TSA
11/21/2010 (TSA - Terrorist Support Alliance - the other terrorist arm of  Al Qaeda.  Operating in plain sight at an airport near you! 

(Terrorizing American Families with each sexual assault, strip search, child molestation, invasion of privacy, and degradation, etc...). Will Americans resist?  

View the child molestation video below and then ask - what would my dad have done? Well,  I know what my dad would have done if that TSA thug had tried to do that to me or my sister when we were children. He would have knocked that TSA son of a bitch right on his ass, probably breaking his jaw, and then taken on at least 5 of his fellow TSA (Nazi) thugs. My dad had been a Military MP in WWII and was 6' 2 ". Where are the American fathers of yesterday? Where are you? Where is mom?


Training our children that it's okay for government perverts to undress you. 

TSA Groping Leaves Bladder Cancer Survivor Humiliated and Covered In Urine...

TSA Tyranny!!! Will Americans Revolt? Or, do you like being assaulted by uniformed thugs while under threat?

11/20/2010 Former Gov. Ventura Will No Longer Fly Due to Abuse He's Endured at Hands of TSA...

 Americans Tell the TSA - "go play with yourself, not us"

We need only reflect back to a time when our father or grandfather would have placed his fist into that government goose-stepping moron's face and launched him through the wall and into the next room. And, if he had dared to try to touch your mother, the goose-stepper wouldn't have fared that well. Of course at that time, he would have been joined by other fathers, and the police would have arrested the pervert! Now, look at our generation. We need government agents to even find our balls. Next, we are so detached and delusional that the conversation is about what is "reasonable".  Really. It's a load of shit, and Americans are so gutless that we have to think about it. How about Americans chanting - "stop the perverts". How about demanding that our government hunt down the actual enemy - yes, the Islamic Terrorist Threat, and stop sexually assaulting all of us! How about 500 Americans at Airports chanting - "go play with yourself, not us". But then again maybe we can't find our balls. Maybe we should mentally disengage and think about the reasonableness of future body cavity searches, gynecological exams, and rectal exams. Think about it. Today, you, your wife and children don't have to do anything wrong to be treated worse than a felon who murdered and raped innocent people. But then again, the felon has more rights. He doesn't have government agents laughing at his body parts in front of other children and passengers. Nor do felons have government agents playing the tapes back to view you again for their pleasure. And think about it, if the TSA agents really "like you" maybe they will make copies of your film for their personal "home" entertainment porno flick. 

Wake up America! Americans don't tolerate tyranny and oppression. Demand that these government perverts immediately cease and desist! 

As Armed Citizens of America, demand it!


Little girl to her mother: "Mommy, why is that man touching daddy down there?"

Mommy:  "It's okay honey, daddy lost something" 

Little Girl: "What did he lose?"

Mommy: "His balls"

Remember, an Armed Citizenry is the safeguard against government tyranny and oppression.


11/19/2010: Woman With 2 Artificial Knees Describes 'Sexual Assault' By Screener...

In describing acts of the TSA agent, she stated: “Her gloved hands touched my breasts...went between them. Then she went into the top of my slacks, inserted her hands between my underwear and my skin... then put her hands up on outside of slacks, and patted my genitals.”

Comment: Americans are witnessing the acts of Tyranny and Oppression and don't even call it by its correct name. Our forefathers had to resort to armed defense. If our present government doesn't immediately stop these sexual assaults, child molestations, and violations of our rights, will we have to resort to armed defense?

Stop rationalizing the sexual attacks by government agents. The Nuremberg defense of  "just following orders" didn't work then, and doesn't work now.  There was a time when American men didn't require the hands of a government agent to locate their balls.  Well, Mr. and Mrs. American - just say NO!

Opt Out? Then Brace Yourself...  


What do you think about the perverts and child molesters at TSA fondling genitalia?  What do you think our forefathers would have done if government agents were allowed to fondle their genitalia, that of their wife and children? 

Which solution do you think our forefathers would have used?

1.  Tar and feather the pervert?

2.  Hang the pervert?

3.  Shoot the pervert?  

4.  All of the above? or

5.  Let the pervert go on their merry way?

Officers counter 'PC' Fort Hood memorial 
Counter-terror group of 1st-responders present alternative remembrance

CAIR sues Oklahoma for banning Islamic law 
70% choose to back anti-Shariah measure opponents blast as 'offensive, unnecessary'



Islam  - coming to America. Unless stopped, this will be your neighborhood. Islam seeks to impose a state mandated religion. It is  repugnant to the U.S. Bill of Rights and  is a direct threat to American liberties.
State snatches baby when dad accused of being 'Oath Keeper'
'You could be on 'the list' and then child protective services might come'
--WND Exclusive
Never Ever Talk To The Police - Part I

Never Ever Talk To The Police - Part II
9/16/2010 White House Science Czar Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United States’ Tyranny and oppression are here. The question is: at what point will Americans say F- - - -  these revolutionary bastards and be forced  to resort to armed defense of our country? Eventually, these bastards will succeed in taking us back to the 7th Century unless Americans stand as our forefathers did at Lexington and Concord? Do we have the balls? 
Long Live The Constitutionalist Sheriff 
Hooray For Sheriff Tony DeMeo
Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Support from your Local Sheriff
August, 2010: Today, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that a full blown revolution and war  is being conducted against our Constitutional Republic. Such  is being conducted by our own government officials, including H. Obama, Judges, and members of Congress, who consciously violate their oaths of office for the express purpose of destroying this country.   We must stop playing the pretend game that "they know not what they do".  For American Citizens, the questions are: 1. when will American Citizens put a stop to this declared war on our country;  and 2. when, if ever,  absent corrective action to reverse the perversion and destruction of our Constitution and liberties, will armed resistance against these tyrants and oppressors be required? 
CA: Sheriff's deputies' disdain for Constitution captured by their own recorded comments (video)
DC Declares War On States 
DC Refuses To Protect States From Foreign Invasion; Attacks States Instead Pastor Chuck Baldwin
The  States must immediately  revitalize their armed citizen militias in order to be able to have an armed force to defend against federal tyranny and oppression. If States refuse to act, then each county must. If counties refuse to act, then every American Citizen must. 

July 16th 2010 - JPFO

The Battle of Athens and Honest Elections.

August 1st and 2nd 1946, were bell-weather days in the history of American political freedom. Few people understand the immense significance the “Battle of Athens” has for Americans today. We invite you to read the story, and then even consider staging your own reenactment.

What if you were one of those brave G.I.s returning from the bloody grounds of Europe or the Pacific and you were confronted by corrupt and arrogant politicians denying you honest elections in your own home town? Imagine that you had fought for freedom in foreign lands and you return home to find your own liberty under attack.

What would you have done?

You will decide what you would have done after reading “The Battle of Athens”. What would you do if it happened today?

6/28/10 - McDonald v. Chicago
6/23/2010: Hussein Obama - continues to destroy the American system one step at a time. In the Gulf, he is preventing emergency measures designed to stop the destruction of the economy, sea, and land. His acts are nothing short of intentional acts of war against America.  The  States must immediately  revitalize their armed citizen militias in order to be able to have an armed force to defend against federal tyranny and oppression. If States refuse to act, then each county must. If counties refuse to act, then every American Citizen must. 

"Islamic Grown Terrorism".  It's what Islam is about. 

Katrina - compare oath violators with oath keepers. 
Constitution takes hit from Supreme Court Citing unapproved treaty is 'act of most fundamental reordering of legal system'

The Revolution against our American Republic is being waged by holders of public office who are violating their Oath to support and defend the Constitution. They have become the enemies which they swore an oath to defend against.

Americans must remember that violations of the United States Constitution are null and void no matter what branch of government seeks to enforce them. In the end it boils down to force. Either the government will enforce its will, or WE THE PEOPLE  will enforce ours. As a last resort armed conflict may be needed.
L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S. - Meet Obama's brother. This guy is  just a little more outspoken than the usurper. America, the enemy is here. We see but don't listen. Are you prepared to defend our Republic against all enemies, foreign or domestic?  Deport them now, and cut off all financial aid in any form! Stop giving them our tax dollars to finance their war against our values.  Let them go home and have  revolutions in their 3rd world dumps (e.g., Mexico, etc...). 



Arizona illegal immigration bill becomes law...
Obama Vows Overhaul...
The States are going to have to be prepared to tell the federal government (even the U.S. Supreme Court)  to go pound sand. They are not the only ones who can determine Constitutionality. You can guarantee that some Judge will rule against the law. But we must stop the illegal alien invasion and the federal government has refused to enforce the law! Arizona and other States must revitalize their State Militias. You may very well witness the Federal Government using troops to force compliance with  federal usurpations. The illegal invasion is facilitating the destruction of the United States. We have a right and duty to determine who is to be allowed in our Country from foreign lands, and to evict those here unlawfully.


Shredder of Liberty

V (2009 TV series). Inspired by the Sinclair Lewis novel about fascism in the United States, It Can't Happen Here (1935), director–producer Kenneth Johnson wrote an adaptation titled Storm Warnings, in 1982. The script was presented to NBC, for production as a television mini-series, but the NBC executives rejected the initial version, claiming it was too "cerebral" for the average American viewer. To make the script more marketable, the American fascists were re-cast as man-eating extraterrestrials, taking the story into the realm of science fiction. The new, re-cast story was the mini-series V, which aired from May 1–2, 1983.[5]
4/2010 Justice Clarence Thomas: We're 'evading' eligibility
Does testimony hint at division behind Supreme Court's doors?
Congress should immediately stop recognizing  Obama as "president" until Obama proves he meets the Constitutions requirements. That means all legislative action stops, no flights on Air Force One,  not recognized as Commander in Chief,  etc..., Thus,  all within the government (federal and States) must refuse to recognize him as President. The office is vacant until he proves eligibility.  If your Congressman and Senators claim Obama is destroying our Country, then why aren't they taking the above action?  Demand that they take such meaningful action NOW.  No more debating policy with one who is an impostor.

Someone sent me the above link. While I don't agree with everything this American Patriot has to say, he sure sets the record straight on the illegal alien, usurper, baby killer, communist, enemy who is leading the destruction of the USA (yes, Usurper Obama). Of course, we need to include Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, and most of Congress and the Judiciary  among the enemies destroying the USA.

This needs to be sent to every Political Prostitute in Congress and the Judiciary. He is actually speaking English - Straight.
Everyone should stop calling Obama "President", and refer to his as the "Usurper". 


5 Agents busted in my door this morning - Unlawful entry 3-30-2010 - 6:30 am.wmv
Dingell: Obamacare will 'control the people'
DOCTOR'S ORDERSBloody Sunday, 2010: House OKs health bill

GOP: 'This is not about uninsured; it is about socialized medicine'

Posted: March 21, 2010

Did you know the following fact? According to the  U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the ordinary armed and trained American Citizen (i.e., "... composed of the body of the people, trained to arms")  constitute  the only political / governmental institution that is "necessary to the security of a free State".

    The Second Amendment, The States, and the People  (E. Viera, Constitutional Law Attorney)

    Gun Rights on Trial (E. Viera, Constitutional Attorney)

     VIEW FILM:   "2AToday for The USA"


Witness the destruction of America! Public officials, don't represent WE THE PEOPLE. They continue their Treason against our Constitution.  Now, from taxes (every American's finances) to your health care - the government will now control all. What is left?  We must revitalize the Militia of the Several States (i.e., We the People trained in the use of arms). Read - Militia Formation question

Some states are now attempting to "reclaim" their State Rights. However, the real question is: who are they going to call when federal troops* march to enforce federal "law"? Who are you going to call?

*Note: Today's National Guard is not a constitutional “Militia” but a component of the Armed Forces.

Health-care 'trickery' called overthrow of Constitution 
'This makes Watergate look like Romper Room'

The Second Amendment, The States, and the People

Are Americans prepared to defend against tyranny and oppression? A communist revolution is already well underway against the USA.   As to amnesty for the enemies of our country (invaders), remember, a country becomes that of which it is composed. Not becoming American, but imposing their language and cultures of corruption and gangs against our Country. How about: Government run health care? Abrogation of State Rights? Violations of the Bill of Rights? Katrina Gun Confiscation? Federal government run amok? Murder of the innocent unborn? etc... . We are witnessing the destruction of the USA. We must call those who are waging this war what they truly are - "Enemies of America". They include Obama, members of  Congress and Judges who are committing treason against the Constitution every day.  As you work to feed your family, these enemies are at war destroying our country, and using your dollars to do it. What will the American People ultimately need to do in order to stop this war? Are letters enough?  Will you vote the bastards out of office? Will you refuse to follow their unconstitutional "laws"? Will you do what the are willing to do?
12/2009 Video - must see

You can read more about him at he is from Florida.

11/5/2009 Military jihadists fill 'every branch' Ultimate 5th column penetration,
warns best-selling 'Muslim Mafia'

10/13/2009 The evil is upon them all & they will come to viciously curse Jody Keeku's name. Be advised. The Supreme Court has decided that when it comes to ATF misconduct the only right you have is to an unfair gun fight.  ...

October 4th 2009 When you can not defend freedom through peaceful means, you have to use arms JPFO
10/4/2009 City to homeowner: Let us in, or get out Man evicted from house for resisting warrantless inspections

10/03/2009 Feds sued to keep out of state's gun affairs --WND Exclusive--

9/25/2009 Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists' 
SPLC alarm: 'Militiamen, white supremacists, anti-Semites, nativists, tax protesters coalescing'--WND
History Video - niotice the similarity to Obama

Hitler Youth - Video



Shocker: Kids taught to sing Obama's praises
Lyrics to historic melody: 'Hooray, Mr. President, you are No. 1'

Not only is Obama proud, so is Hitler.

Reminds you of some 3rd world dictatorship. 

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion Argued in writings: 'Quality of life demands fewer people'  ... Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote on page 837 of their 1970s textbook that "under the United States Constitution, effective population-control programs, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society." It's not like we live in Communist China, is it?.

9/10/09 Glenn Beck: Sunstein 'Most Dangerous' Czar

9/8/2009 'This is the war you don't know about' – see it now ... --WND Exclusive--

9/1/2009 A Primer on "Martial Law" Well regulated Militia” of the constitutional pattern does not exist in a single State Edwin Vieira
9/1/2009 The Marbury v. Madison Mantra  The Supreme Court Is NOT The Final Arbiter Of The Constitution Pastor Chuck Baldwin
9/1/2009 State begins preps to relocate quarantined swine-flu victims
'Your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable'
9/1/2009 Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard 'round the world' Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant
8/28/2009 BILL WOULD GIVE OBAMA 'EMERGENCY' CONTROL OF INTERNET The government computers couldn't handle "cash for clunkers" and we want the Marxist to control the internet?
The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States....Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America — Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789. (Source of Quote:
8/28/2009 Obama 'czar' on 9/11: Blame 'U.S. imperialism'!White House 'rowdy communist' held vigil for Muslims  The enemy is in the house. 

8/28/2009 Town-hall clash: Cop vs. Obama 'Joker' poster --WND Exclusive- Officer threatens arrest: This ain't America no more

8/28/2009 Court orders Christian child into government education 10-year-old's 'vigorous' defense of her faith condemned by judge  When will people just say "NO"?
8/27/09 Obama's Health Rationer-in-Chief White House health-care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel blames the Hippocratic Oath for the 'overuse' of medical care.
Unconstitutional Infringement of Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Draft Militia Study Questions
Unconstitutional Socialized Health Care - Militia Study Questions
8/26/2009 $1000 Per Day Fine And 30 Days In Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts?
8/22/2009 The Sotomayor Scare States, Not Supreme Court, Hold Key To Liberty  Pastor Chuck Baldwin
8/18/2009 Militia Study Question: -Unconstitutional Socialized Health Care
8/17/2009 'Obamacare:' What does the Constitution have to say? 'This is an issue federal government shouldn't be touching at all'
8/16/2009 No time to uphold U.S. Constitution Exclusive: Farah says document will be 'dead letter' if Obama's stonewalling succeeds ----WND Now a husband and wife team of Beck fans has launched a website – – that lists the contact information for advertisers for Beck's and other Fox News programs and provides users with information and suggestions to contact those companies to urge their continued sponsorship.

War erupts over Glenn Beck TV show: Fans fight back --WND Exclusive--



Barack Obama referred to American opponents of amnesty for illegal aliens as “demagogues

he characterized opponents of this “pathway” as “demagogues.”


Hey, they don't have to live in the "shadows". They should go home to their country. 

Huge Santa Barbara wildfire caused by marijuana farm; suspects at large in forest  Is this an example of the type of people Obama wants legalized? Officials warn "not to approach anyone who looks suspicious but to instead contact the nearest law enforcement agency." Wow, that is a real good "politically acceptable"  description that will keep law abiding citizens safe from harm.  By "suspicious", does that really mean that you should be careful of someone who: doesn't speak English; speaks a foreign language;  looks like a Mexican Gang banger / member;  is in the U. S. Illegally; has gang tattoos on his body; looks at you as if they could kill you; and who is prepared to kill you if you accidentally run into them?  Oh, that's right, they are here to "work hard" and "do the jobs Americans won't do".  Also, they will be a great voting block for socialism and Marxism.

SWEET LEMONADE KID $LAPPED BITTER AGENTS WRITE $50 TICKET (that's okay, shut the child down for initiative. Of course she is easier to target than illegal aliens that might shoot back. )

Obama is a Marxist. He is destroying the USA. Dilute the US Populations with Illegal Aliens and you change the voting structure. The USA will become the type of country from which these illegals came. Graft and corruption will become the "norm". The Socialist / Marxist "fix" will be in.

Americans Call to Action:

      No Amnesty.

      No Cap & Trade.

      No Obama Care.

      NO Compromise!


Where is the Birth Certificate?

8/16/2009 Swimmers are told to wear burkinis Islam should start being treated for what it is - a threat to liberty and freedom.

8/16/2009 Obama: Every move you make, I'll be watching you online --WND Exclusive--

Baby-Killers Are Still Way Ahead, 50 Million To 4 
George Tiller was the most notorious abortionist of all abortionists
Dr. Patrick Johnston 
Will this happen to gun owners, granny, and those who oppose  Obama et al?
8/15/2009 SPLC Report Smears Oath Keepers, Militias  

'8/14/2009 Obamacare:' What does the Constitution have to say? 
--WND Exclusive--


obamaHealthCare.jpg (138443 bytes)

New Government Health Care Poster
8/14/2009 Palin: Concerning the 'Death Panels'...

.... "Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy advisor to President Obama and the brother of the President’s chief of staff. Dr. Emanuel has written that some medical services should not be guaranteed to those “who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens....An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia.” [10] Dr. Emanuel has also advocated basing medical decisions on a system which “produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.” 

Question: will Americans allow these Marxists to take over health care? Such is not constitutional, yet that issue is not raised. Such is tyranny and oppression. Our forefathers would not have tolerated a government that will decide what citizens live or die based on social benefit. 

As to congressional "intent" - how can such exist when congress hadn't read the bill?


8/14/2009 Florida principal, athletic director face six months in jail over mealtime prayer... Is the recourse Jury Nullification and Civil Disobedience?
8/14/2009 FALL PREVIEW: ABCNEWS: Fear Grows for President's Safety as Hate Groups Thrive... People don't care what color Obama is. The concern is that he is a Marxist and is destroying America. Also, he continues to defraud America as he has refused to provide documentation that he ever qualified to occupy the office of the President under the Constitution.  The takeover of Health care is unconstitutional, but the Marxist seeks to impose his will on Americans.
1961: Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine...  
Euthanasia advocates authored part of Obamacare 'Self determined dying' compared to 'women's reproductive health'  

8/13/2009 Soldier vs. Obama: I'd fight for U.S. tomorrow if ...
--WND Exclusive--

Americans must start to realize that if government officials (including the Court) refuse to follow the Constitution, then WE THE PEOPLE (the same ones referenced in the Declaration of Independence) will have to correct the situation.  Just because a Court makes a ruling, doesn't mean it's correct. Americans have alternatives, including: Jury Nullification, Civil Disobedience; the ballot box; and recourse to the 2nd Amendment, as a last resort. 
'End-of-life' provision to be dropped from bill... Of course the Federal Government doesn't actually have the Constitutional authority to take over the nations health care. If passed, will there be nationwide civil disobedience - refusal to follow the unconstitutional program?
8/13/09 National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot...  
If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government. — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist (#28)  
8/10/09 Why the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause of Our Constitution Is Important and Worth Preserving  
A loose group of professional and volunteer researchers looking into the Obama Birth Certificate is
8/10/09 From GunNewsDaily:Congress to pass Martial Law Plans? Sunday, 09 August 2009 13:34 | Author: William M Lolli |

In recent headlines from World Net Daily, National Guard forces are being trained for internment "cops" for "civilian resettlement facilities"--See story here.

In a related story, this video has surfaced on the internet [July 2009] of House members voting on emergency martial law funding and plans on how to handle US citizens in the event of certain "classified events".

See this link here - Martial Law Plans Revealed

Congressman John Haller (R) Pennsylvania is stunned into silence as he reads portions of the bill before Congress. "Jesus...", he mutters as the ramifications of what he is reading aloud becomes clear.

8/8/09 Home front getting ugly for recessed Congress Protests, arrests, shouts, tempers… is there a doctor in the house?  

8/8/09 National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs --WND Exclusive

8/8/09 Citing safety concerns, officials cancel Sen. McCaskill event... Remember when  the British officials were concerned for their safety when they ventured out. (That was before the American Revolution).
8/8/09 OBAMA: 'I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess'... Isn't that nice that Obama doesn't want Americans to do a lot of talking?
8/8/09 Obama: A Modern Day Roman Plebeian Tyrant  
Poster of Big Brother - Obama (something you would see in a 3rd world dictatorship)  
Now Glenn Beck slams Obama birth issue
'What, are you going to take him out of office? You can't do that'
Beck is wrong. Our forefathers would have removed any imposter from the White House,  probably by having militias arrest any such invader at gunpoint. Without meeting the Constitutional Requirements, Obama is a trespasser to the Office. Where is the Real Birth Certificate you Marxist?
Protesters Shout Down Obamacare in Austin... Think of it - in the USA, pissed off Americans who have the right to keep and bear arms as a defense against government Tyranny and oppression. 
8/3/2009 Uncovered Video: Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will 'Eliminate' Private Insurance... Obama - a liar. He and his cohorts in Congress are destroying the United States.
Obama Joker Picture showing up in Los Angeles.

The One Thing

No one took Barack Obama at his word
Read Beck's One Thing
8/2/2009 Hawaii refuses to verify president's online COLBs 
Officials mum on images released by Obama's campaign,
8/2/09 Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth? 
Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa
7/31/2009 Town halls gone wild Forums becoming house of horrors for Congress members --Politico  Boston Tea Party
7/31/2009 Obamacare called "euthanasia bill" Critic: 'Reflects regime worse than China's one-child policy' --WND  
Quote for the Day: 

"Late Term Abortions are constitutional, but only as to tyrants and oppressors, as a last resort." (Anonymous) 

7/29/2009 White House ridicules Obama birth certificate issue as 'made up, fictional nonsense'...

WND also has reported Obama has not released his kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and his adoption records

Why not merely produce the actual original document Mr. Obama? Also, why are your college papers, etc..., not available?
7/27/2009 Conyers: 'What Good is Reading the Bill If It's a Thousand Pages Long?' And these MORONS are enacting legislation? 
7/27/2009 Right to Self-Defense Ambivalence Renders Sotomayor Supreme Court Nomination an Outrage, says Gun Law Expert  
7/25/2009 Constitutional crisis looming over eligibility?
With every passing day, odds increase of U.S. being polarized like never before --August Crisis
7/24/2009 this Militia Educational Study Program includes education about: the right and duty of an armed citizenry as being a defense against government tyranny and oppression; our American history; the American Revolution; Declaration of Independence; Constitution; and Bill of Rights.  Thus, the marksmanship awards and competitions have a theme grounded in the American Revolutionary war period and the fight against tyranny and oppression. (The words "sporting purposes" and "Hunting Purposes" are not part of the program). As you practice shooting, educate the future voters ... and possibly some of us older folks ...
7/24/2009 Part Three: It is Not a Question of “IF”, but “WHEN” - Dr. Jim Clary, Ph.D. & Mary Clary, BSN, R.N.  
7/24/2009 The Battle Begins: ATF vs the Constitution  
7/24/2009 Questions about NLE 09 exercise  


 Coming to the USA?  Socialized Medicine is being pushed on us, why not this?
7/19/2009 ATF to Tennessee: We're Above Your Law  

7/17/2009 FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops Set for July 2009

7/14/2009 MD: SWAT Gone Wild in Maryland  
7/13/2009 Eligibility arguments to get court hearing 'For 1st time, we have a judge who's listening'--WND  


Sharia law and amputations in Nigeria: "This is what God said"

"Sharia law is my ambition and that is the ambition of every Muslim in this country."

"As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. It is the reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise." -- Qur'an 5:38

"In an appropriate case, he didn't see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States." -- State Department Legal Adviser Harold Koh



Comment: Islamic Law / Sharia law = tyranny and oppression. Seeking to impose Sharia Law in the United States would be an act of War.

video from


Observe the required "National Youth Service Corp" - 10 months community service and promises of MONEY.

Obama  must be taking notes from his friends in Nigeria.


7/11/2009 Obama science czar Holdren called for forced abortions 'Comprehensive Planetary Regime could control development, distribution of all natural resources'--WND Comment: Are Americans buying Ammo due to concern about future anti-gun laws; or are they preparing for Civil unrest? Why are you buying yours?
7/11/2008 U.S. officer: Is Army 'corps of chattel slaves?' Files federal court challenge over Obama's refusal to prove eligibility  
7/10/2009 COPS: Gang members shot men for wearing red... Part of the cost of illegal aliens and our government officials affirmatively selling us out!

7/10/2009 Gore boasts: 'Global governance' coming with carbon tax --WND--

7/10/2009 New reports cite Obama's African 'home' Ghana newspaper calls Africa 'continent of his birth'--WND  
July 8th 2009 Coming to America ?



7/7/2009 Obama calls Jakarta his 'old hometown' 
Was president citizen of world's most populous Muslim nation?
B. Obama refuses to disclose, as he destroys America.
7/7/2009 Hospital won't back Obama birth claim Honolulu's Kapi'olani Medical Center refuses to confirm White House letter--WND
7/7/2009 Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital  Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims--WND  
7/5/2009 Tea partiers counterattack 'bad guys on bad mission' 'We're gonna be in a state of socialism here if we don't stop this nonsense'--WND  
6/24/2009 Dear friend,

I have just signed a national grassroots-led petition opposing
Obama's coming amnesty push. If allowed to go unchecked and
unchallenged, Obama will throw open the door for widespread
amnesty--forcing you and I to pay for their benefits--benefits
once reserved only for citizens and legal aliens!

Obama has promised the Hispanic community that he will make
comprehensive immigration reform a frontline issue this year!

Help stand against this coming invasion by adding your name
to Grassfire's national petition opposing Obama's open border,
amnesty agenda.

Click here to add your name:

6/17/2009 Allah Tells man to Firebomb Yale Power Plant

The list of American Muslims starting trouble here in the name of Islam is getting longer by the day. Besides this, in the last 24 hours alone I have posted about a Muslim student who tried to get on an airplane in Tampa with a butcher knife and a West Virginia Mosque which is preaching hatred towards non-believers. Non-Muslims who continue to support Islam in America because it is classified as a religion are just helping to tear the country apart from within.
6/16/2009 Ted Kennedy Bill Could Send Your Gun Info Into A Massive Federal Database  
6/16/2009 How Obama indicted self on birth certificate issue Exclusive: Joseph Farah shares facts about parents suggesting no natural born citizenship--WND  
6/15/2009 Twenty-three AGs tell Holder no dice on semi-auto ban renewal  

6/15/2009 Are You Deliberately Trying to Start a Civil War?

Just answer the question. Yes or no. Don't insult us with elisions, evasions, dithering, qualifications, or conditional answers. [More]

OK. I will.

Absolutely not. We have repeatedly expressed our desire to be left alone. Our warnings of resolve are in the hopes that you collectivists will stop squeezing.

So no, we're not trying to start one. But some of us are preparing to finish it if you do.

6/14/2009 McCarthy Bill Rammed Through The House  

6/5/2009 General Patton's Speech to Third Army Before D-Day

6/6/09 Schwarzenegger backs state services to immigrants another example of Government officials betraying their duty to Americans. They are prostitutes for power and votes.

"No Guns for Negroes"
JPFO Film - Please watch it


5/21/2009 Demand: Root out pro-life 'terrorists' 'Bringing killer to justice not enough'claims group calling for DHS action --WND

Abortionist Tiller shot, killed in church 
Doctor accused of late-term law violations was attending service

Giana survived an  abortion attempt on her life.

Excuse me, but an abortion is very violent to the person unable to defend, and who can't even cry for help. It is nothing less than "legalized"  murder, and no different that the Nazi exterminations. So, I ask you, if Hitler was shot at church, would you be crying for him?

Possibly, out of all of this, some innocent unborn child will live. Of course, we can't condone "murderers"; but, some might argue that today,  at least one has gone to meet his maker.


5/30/2009 Obama promises Arabs Jerusalem will be theirs Official claims president said Palestinian state with holy city as capital 'in American interest'--WND Obama, the enemy of the USA and Israel. 
Committees of Safety


5/25/2009 Crosses smashed: Muslims vandalize Christian graves --WND Exclusive--

Isn't the invasion of Muslims a threat?
5/25/2009 OK: Oklahoma pharmacist kills armed robber, saves the lives of his staff  
5/23/2009 Catholic Church's nonprofit status challenged in Maine California-based homosexual-rights group files complaint with IRS --OneNewsNow Homosexuality is against God's laws. If you think its normal, then put them on an island and see if they can propagate.  If people find this message "offensive", the fact is that  it is far less so than the attempts to force such abhorrent behavior upon us, and our children. 
5/23/2009 Yet Another Anti-gun Radical up for a State Department Post GOA


- SOG Comment: we must realize that  people like H. Koh are nothing short of enemies.  They have declared war on our Constitution, our Republic, and our Bill of Rights. They are marching to destroy America, such enemies from within.  As such, they are on the "Enemies of American Liberty and Freedom Tyrant Watch List".   You might ask, who prepares such list? The answer is, each of us, as American Citizens. We are the ultimate earthly masters of  our Homeland Security because  we are -- "WE THE PEOPLE". 

'Extremism' report 'tip of the iceberg'
Lawyer: Napolitano's promise to 'reword' document 'scary'

Our safety, our liberty depends on preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the U.S. are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts - Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution. — Abraham Lincoln


He wants to apply Sharia law here, proposes to send U.S. citizens for trial by international tribunals, and blasts American conduct in international forums..

he views that our laws and our Constitution should be brought into conformity with international agreements... and

a civil society cannot exist with broad gun ownership...

(NOTE: the above concepts were a basis for the America Revolution!).

5/23/2009 Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) pointed out that gun control is the policy of tyrants, as evidenced by the British attempt to confiscate firearms at Lexington and Concord in 1775.  Americans should utilize this quotation.

5/23/2009 Preacher to senators: Filibuster 'hate crimes' bill --WND


5/23/2009 Clashes break out in Greece over Koran incident - illegal Muslim Aliens - violent and invaders. Is this in store for the USA (again)?  Remember September 11, and they haven't stopped trying.

5/23/2009 Home: No place for Bible study  County demands pastor spend thousands on 'Major Use' permit to host friends  
"5/23/2009 WE'RE OUT OF MONEY' - Obama states the obvious as HE and CONGRESS destroy the United States of America. At the same time you hear morons stating - "just give him more time".  
5/20/09 FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane Key Point - converts to Islam.

Fitna Film

5/2009 Following per

"Concept of Operations [CONOPS] for Police Intelligence Operations

In short, the document explains how the U.S. military, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, has “integrated” with local law enforcement under the rubric of the GWOT, or so-called Global War on Terrorism. It stresses the need for military police to collect “information that identifies trends, patterns and associations that indicate a possible nexus disrupting or targeting Army operations” within the United States. The “criminal intelligence produced from this analysis should be focused on future coordination” with local law enforcement, again a direct violation of Posse Comitatus."

Read Document here:

By seeking to impose Sharia Law,  Islam is nothing short of a direct threat to our American Constitutional Republic,  our American Bill of Rights, our legal system, and Judeo Christian foundation.  

5/18/2009 New world Big Brother: Google joins Bilderberg cabal --WND Exclusive--  ...the main topic of the agenda for this meeting was the world economy. He said his sources inside the group told him the movers

and shakers would be discussing two options – "either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline, and poverty ... or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency."

Adolph #2 Obama Legitimizes Killing of Unborn Babies in Speech at Notre Dame's Graduation Today it's baby David, tomorrow it's you.
obamaAbortRights.jpg (209996 bytes)

5/18/2009 ATF Gun Raid Sends Us All a Message  
5/16/2009 Attack on Californians a 'hate crimes' preview? Report documents assault on freedoms of speech, religion  
5/16/2009 Whaddya mean, 'America is not a Christian nation'? Congressmen challenge Obama assertion by drafting 'spiritual heritage' legislation Pro Life Protesters arrested - held without bail. Notre Dame - Pro Murder of the unborn.
5/15/2009 Britain's war on Michael Savage

(Jeffrey Kuhner) The British government’s recent blacklisting of conservative talk-radio host Michael Savage is an ominous sign and should be of deep concern to all Americans ...

Michael Savage is not informed about the Second Amendment. But, the attack on the 1st Amendment should concern us all.
5/14/09 - New York's Congresswoman Cathy McCarthy wants new assault weapon ban - - Story  

5/14 - Brady Campaign spokesman on Napolitano's terrorist report: 'The DHS report makes the case for banning certain firearms' - CNS - Story

Note: The "real name" for this  legislation is  - "An Act for the Safety and Security of Government Employees seeking to remove the Bill of Rights and establish a system of  Tyranny and Oppression for the General Welfare of the World".

No firearm is an assault weapon, until it is used to shoot tyrants and oppressors . Then such use by American Citizens is mandated by the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.
5/14/09 - 'No fly, no buy' for guns bill introduced - Nassau News Live - Story (Gun News Daily commment -  "No trial, no hearing, nothing, just your name on a government list that removes your Second Amendment rights. ..." Debating the "meaning" of the 2nd Amendment is a ruse. By this time, you either know what it is about and its purpose, or you don’t. Rest assured, that those Government Officials and others seeking unlimited power, and the status of tyrant and oppressor, clearly know. You must merely determine if you will be among those sheep who will march into the death camps / compounds; or, exercise your right of armed resistance to defend your family, freedom, and the Bill of Rights against such tyrants and oppressors.
5/14/2009 Dobson: 'There's utter evil coming out of Congress' Focus on the Family ministry founder condemns 'Pedophile Protection Act'--WND  
5/14/209 Martial Law in Microcosm: The Beating of Pastor Steven Anderson  
5/12/2009 It Is Getting Very Serious Now

Types of people in this world: 

  those who make things happen, 

  those who watch things happen, 

  those who wonder what happened. 

Which are you? 

Patriots must practice their marksmanship skills, and be prepared. Those who seek to impose tyranny and oppression are marching. April 19, ????
May 12th 2009 Government Criminals Create New Laws  

5/12/2009 Fed-up states see explosion in sovereignty movement --WND Exclusive--

5/11/2009 Marxism Comes to America  How the socialists are taking over America, one bite at a time Paul Walter  
5/11/2009 Federal Government to Regulate the Internet and Social Networking  
5/11/2009 Gun protections on agenda in Utah 
Following Montana's lead in states' rights affirmation--WND
Individuals and states must also Revitalize the Militia of the Several States - Read parts  1, 2, 3,
5/11/2009 Savage lawsuit against Dept. Homeland Security An Open Letter to Michael Savage from JPFO
5/11 - Texas: Legislation would exempt Texas-made guns from federal laws - Beaumont Enterprise - Story As to federal courts ruling on this in the future,  the real issue is:  when will Americans stand against wrongful actions of judges?
5/11 - House bill would strip nearly all Americans of gun rights - The Citizen - Story  
5/9/09 CBS announcer: Troops would shoot Pelosi, strangle Reid Says U.S. soldiers love former President Bush for preventing more attacks on U.S. --The Hill Americans don’t swear an oath to government bureaucrats. The Oath is to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
5/9/09 Eligibility attorney plans return to Supreme Court Says, 'I will be filing until I get an answer'--WND  
5/9/09 Suspect detained over 'extremist' bumper sticker 'Don't Tread on Me' puts driver in 'watch' category in DHS report
5/9/09Alan Keyes arrested at Notre Dame  Leading protesters ask others to follow, fill jails with pro-lifers--WND  
5/9/09 'Hate crimes' fate now up to people Congressman: 'If you don't raise enough
stink, there's not a chance of stopping it'

5/9/09 Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists' --WND Exclusive--

5/6 - Gun registration a step towards tyranny - Larry Pratt - Story  
5/6 - Montana governor signs new gun law defying federal government - - Story  
5/5/09 OPINION Lexington Green, April 19, 2009 Militia of the several States is crucial Edwin Vieira

Oath Keepers Rally for Constitution on Lexington Green

“Oath Keepers”
What do you think about this question? Are Americans buying Ammo and Guns in fear of them being outlawed, or are they preparing for battle?  

5/5/09 Census GPS-tagging your home's front door Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation--WND


5/5/09 Teen homeschooler jailed under Patriot Act --WND--

5/5/09 TEAM OBAMA MAY SEEK DISBARMENT OF BUSH LAWYERS...  Attack on the right to counsel.
5/2/2009 Guess how DHS defines who is a terrorist now? 2nd 'domestic extremism' report includes 'alternative media,' 'tax resisters' in lexicon--WND Report Copy
4/28/2009 U.S. regulatory czar nominee wants Net 'Fairness Doctrine' Cass Sunstein sees Web as anti-democratic,proposed 24-hour delay on sending e-mail Why won't Americans call such matters acts acts of tyranny and oppression? They are nothing less. 
4/23/2009 Feds' 'McVeigh excuse' prompts response 
David Schippers contends OKC bomber part of Islamic, not 'right-wing,' plot
4/19/2009 About 15 minutes total and totally worth watching. 
 Giana survived an  abortion attempt on her life.
4/19/2009 Patriots’ Day and the Oath Keepers: ‘…against all enemies…'  
4/19/2009 Remember and Celebrate Freedom on April 19! April 19, 1775.

The first American Revolution was ignited as a result of government orders to confiscate firearms. Is Obama planning for a repeat?

Fly your Militia / American Revolutionary War Flags
4/19/2009 Question: Are Americans buying guns and ammo in fear that Mr. Obama will seek to outlaw such and take them away, or are Citizens making preparations to respond with force if such violations of the Constitution are indeed undertaken?  
How Obama actually delayed pirate rescue  SEAL team deployment stalled 36 hours, hampered by limited rules of engagement  
4/16/2009 Border Patrol Goons Beat Baptist Pastor (with video) Remember: Elderly Woman Tackled In Her Home, Gun Taken external link

Officers Handcuff Documentary Filmmaker at Katie Couric Journalism Award Event... (well, if he  had been an illegal alien, an Islamic Radical, or a pro killer of the unborn, etc... they wouldn't have touched him).  

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? [...] The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!" —Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago (Chapter 1 "Arrest")  
4/16/2009 President Obama Continues Assault on the Second Amendment  
4/16/2009 20/20 Just Can't See Straight When it Comes to the Second Amendment  
4/16/2009 Coast-to-coast tea parties put lawmakers on notice Taxpayers descend upon politicians in numbers far beyond expectations --WND  

4/16/2009 It's possible: Imagine no phone, no food, no fuel --WND--

4/15/09 UPDATE: Napolitano stands by right-wing 'extremism' warning... The "report" has no mention of radical Islam, but Christians are targeted. Also, every American Citizen is a target because you are a member of the Militia under the Constitution 
April 14th 2009 Police Need to Know the Law  
4/14/2009 Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas’

 Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment

4/14/2009 Hedgecock seeks popular uprising 
Columnist who revealed DHS crackdown calls government report 'un-American'

Disagree with Obama? Gov't has eyes on you
Exclusive: Roger Hedgecock reveals plan to target 'right-wing extremists'
Copy of the HSA Report

Copy of MIAC Report

4/12/09 Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits Soviet Union survivor: President spits in face of every U.S. citizen --WND  

4/12/09 Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists' --WND Exclusive--

GIVE' creating Obama Brigades? Service corps expansion gives opponents shivers As an Armed Citizen, are you prepared? Our forefathers were and defended against tryanny.
4/11/2009 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg defends use of foreign law by American judges...  Our government officials have betrayed the Constitution and the USA. 
4/11/2009 Why are so Many 'Conservatives' Following Michael Savage? Open Comment to Michael Savage: Apparently, Savage stands for free Speech when "allowed" to speak; but,  in the final analysis,  will not be willing to fight  when free speech  and other God Given Rights are denied. Will he and others merely walk into the "ovens", or stand for liberty and fight?  
4/9/09 An Open Letter to Michael Savage from JPFO  - A MUST READ!  
4/9/09 Obama's G20 plan kisses off Declaration of Independence 
New international board to intervene in decisions about U.S. companies
Obama is pushing to make illegals - legal. Another nail in the coffin of the USA. 
4/8/09 In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ's New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush's  
4/7 - Someone forgot to tell the killers that murder is against the law - Examiner - Story  
4/5/09 Will bill give Obama control of Internet?  Proposed new powers called 'drastic federal intervention'

Quote for the day: The act of the Federal Government in "deriving"  powers not otherwise delegated to it by the Constitution, by means of  such devises as government bail-out funds, "security" measures, and various economic entrapments,  is nothing short of seizing and exercising powers indirectly which are in fact prohibited . Such artifices of Constitutional Amendment are not authorized, and are null and void. It is only due to the perversions of government officials at all levels, (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), that such abuses are allowed to continue, and the fact that the armed citizens  of America haven't yet reached the "end of discussion"  point.   (SOG 4/5/09). Remember the history of  April 19, 1775.

4/5/09 How banks were bullied into making bad loans 'Community activists' applied high pressure to get risky mortgages, shake down payoffs  
4/5/09 Woman, 23, persecuted for political views, but may be denied protection  
Malfunction clearance - Clint Smith / Thunder Ranch - Run time 6:22Link to video  

3/25/09 Expanded Americorps has an authoritarian feel

...mandatory service requirement for all able young people...“youth engagement zones” in which “service learning” is “a mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency..

The Hitler Youth. FACT: There is NO Constitutional Basis for this. Such "law" will be null and void! Hopefully American Citizens, (constitutionally, the  Militia), are prepared. Are you?
3/25/09 Eligibility lawyer: Homeland Security shadowing me Reports incidents involving county, federal agents --WND  
3/25/09 Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible  Ex-officer alleges prez used 'contrivance, concealment, dissembling and deceit'  
3/24/09 The robber was shot dead at the scene. Citizen defends against armed robber. 
3/24 - Homeland Security 'fusion centers' suggest if you fear tight gun control from Obama administration you may be an extremist or militia member - Fox News - Story   document (pdf)  
March 23 On This Day: Patrick Henry Delivers Liberty or Death Speech  
March 23rd 2009 Bankrupt The Freedom Haters  
3/23/09 Oakland officers' slayings reignite gun control debate

Parolee stood over stricken police officers and fired again

Comment: If an armed citizen was present, trained in the use of his firearm, and with the proper combat mindset (Front Sight), he could have shot the criminal. The officers could have been saved. Don't forget, this murderer had  accomplices.  They include all those politicians who have disarmed law abiding citizens,  and a system, which allowed this animal to roam the streets. Further, to use the acts of this scum bag criminal as a basis for disarming law abiding citizens would be an act of tyranny and oppression.  We should all  pray for the officers and their families.

The shooting shows that all law abiding Citizens should be armed to prevent such criminals from ruling the streets.
3/23/09 This video provide a good example of why using the military for law enforcement is a very bad idea:

Let's clarify what the Guardsman in the last scene is saying—he may have to kill an American on American soil for exercising an unalienable right that the Founders considered so important that it was codified in the Bill of Rights.  While many states have passed legislation to protect the right to bear arms in an emergency, the implications of the Guardsman's statement are chilling.

See: The Militarization of America

3/22/09 The Sheriff - More Power Than the President The Battle for America will be decided in your county at your front door  
3/20/09 Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals  'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about'  
3/20/00 Judge blocks rule permitting concealed guns in U.S. parks Overturns 'astoundingly flawed' last-minute rule enacted by Bush --Washington Post Isn't such an example of Tyranny and Oppression from the Bench? How long will Americans tolerate it? Congress didn't bother to review Obama's lack of qualification  under the Constitution.
3/20/09 Military demands details on soldiers' private guns  Fort Campbell command reversed under pressure The "Commander" should be removed from his position and sent to Prison! Of course, such would equally apply to any Occupier of the White House who doesn't qualify as President under the Constitution.
3/19/09 House adopts plan for uniformed 'volunteer' corps
Also requires new evaluation of 'mandatory' service for all
The Obama SS Troops. Again, No Constitutional Basis. 
3/19/09 What to Do

Revitalizing the “Militia of the several States” part -----> 1, 2, 3,

...And Pray daily to our Lord God.
3/12/2009 Court: No need for state to check prez' eligibility Judge throws out complaint brought on behalf of Keyes When the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches all ignore constitutional violations by government officials, then what recourse is left to the People?
March 12th 2009 We Warned You  
Quote: Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in... — Dianne Feinstein, CBS-TV's "60 Minutes, February 5, 1995. As an American, what will you do?  What is your plan?
3/12/09 Martial law in Alabama? For not doing a "law enforcement role" they look to be carrying firearms.

3/12/09 Treasury seeks $100 billion to aid ailing nations -Geithner pledges fresh help for IMF, will ask Europe to boost stimulus

How does it feel to be struggling to support your American family while your government rapes you to pay for other "nations"?

3/11/09 Just when you thought it was dead and buried, it's back! --WND Exclusive--

Another attack on the USA.
3/11/09 Churches outraged at state's interference Proposed law dictates how congregations must be governed Another act of tyranny and oppression. Are Catholics prepared to take a stand?  Clear violation of Bill of Rights.
3/10/09 SAF Challenges D.C. Handgun Ban Scheme Citizens must start publicizing the fact that such gun bans are acts of tyranny and oppression. Clear violation of the Bill of Rights.
Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility  Mention of citizenship issues deleted
in minutes, 'offending' users banned
The book burning continues.
Royal Wade Kimes is the author of the song "In MY Land". (Go to to listen.) This song is being called the Second Amendment Anthem  

3/6/09 WILL US BUY INTO A KANGAROO COURT? International Criminal Court's - Obama betraying the U.S. again.


3/6/09 Daily Mail removes reference to Muslim husband telling his wife to read the Qur'an as he strangled her

3/5/2009 1776 & Today: It is time to refresh the tree of liberty 
Take on the Global Elites and their ilk wherever they may be
Former Kansas State Trooper, Greg Evensen, Ret.
 3/5 - Proposed assault weapon ban would affect fundamental rights - Mustang Daily - Story .:   SOG COMMENT: Article is good, except the following statement is false - "If America truly believes we will never need to assert our right to keep and bear arms and that guns cause more harm than good, gun control advocates should work for repeal of the Second Amendment, rather than chisel away at the Bill of Rights. Such dilution of rights only sets a precedent for nullification of other ensured rights."

SOG Comment: The Bill of Rights predate government and are rights bestowed upon us by God. Any purported repeal of the 2nd Amendment (including the right of self defense against a tyrannical and oppressive government) would be a direct act of tyranny and oppression justifying resort to Citizen Armed defense against a tyrannical government. This is nothing new. Remember our history. On April 19, 1775, our then government marched (Lexington and Concord) to confiscate our forefathers firearms. The result was Armed rebellion. The American Revolution was ignited. Is it not true that violations of the Bill of Rights are among the very acts of tyranny and oppression which resulted in the American Revolution? Thus, the burning questions of this day include: at what point does a  long Train of Abuses and Usurpations,  evince a Design to reduce us again under absolute Despotism? And, do we not still possess the original  Right,  and  Duty, to throw off such government and to provide new Guards for our future security?  The last two "questions" are merely paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence.

Government Officials have nothing to fear from the Right to Keep and Bear Arms unless they become tyrannical and oppressive. Even at such point,  they need not worry about guns, only the shot they won't hear. (Anonymous 2/1/2009). Any thoughts about this?
"Being a remedy of last resort, well aimed gun fire is constitutionally mandated as against tyrants and oppressors." ( 2/1/09)  
"A government unilaterally releasing itself from the Chains of Constitutional restraint is nothing less than the beast of  tyranny and oppression resurrecting itself from the gates of hell. It is such beast which the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Militia stands at the ready to defend against." (   
3/4/09 Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters Implies constitutional demands for presidency can be bypassed--WND The Senator has betrayed his Oath of Office.  He and other "politicians" should reflect on history. When our prior  government (Britain)  became tyrannical and oppressive, armed revolution resulted. The present Constitution was forged from such event. The 2nd Amendment provides specifically for the risk that government officials may become tyrannical and oppressive. 
3/3/09 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: On April 19, 1943, the Warsaw ghetto uprising began after German troops and police entered the ghetto to deport its surviving inhabitants. Seven hundred and fifty fighters fought the heavily armed and well-trained Germans. The ghetto fighters were able to hold out for nearly a month...  Will you have such courage?
3/3/09 ...The British resorted to every possible tactic to disarm the Americans--entrapment, false promises of "safekeeping," banning imports, direct seizure and finally shooting persons bearing arms. Are we heading down the same path? Read: The Arms of the People Should Be Taken Away" by Stephen Halbrook  Will our government officials shoot us? Patriots:  Fly your Flag from the American Revolution
3/3/09 News Media Cover Up Identity of Chandra Levy's Murderer Another illegal alien. Will they become the future voters determining America's future? 
3/3/09 More military officers demand eligibility proof Plaintiff: 'In the worst case … it's going to be revolution in the streets' --WND  
Posted to SOG 3/3/2009YouTube - Alan Keyes on Obama Obama is a radical communist ...
You Tube - U.S. Marine will refuse to disarm Americans ...  
Quote: I have seen an American general and his officers, without pay, and almost without clothes, living on roots and drinking water; and all for LIBERTY! What chance have we against such men! -- young British officer to Colonel Watson describing the American militia rebels in Georgetown, SC [Source: 'Marion, The Life of Gen. Francis Marion' by M. L. Weems, Ch.18]  
3/1 - You and I can't buy arms like Mexico's drug cartels.  Our media and government is not dealing straight on the Mexico's gun problems - GunNewsDaily - Story  
Quote: Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American... The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state government, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people. — Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.  
Police pummel teen in holding cell Video captures deputy grabbing 15-year-old girl by hair, throwing, striking her --Seattle Post-Intelligencer What would you do if they did this to your daughter? And the Supreme Court recently advised that officers were more "professional".
Quote: Using acts of crime perpetrated by street thugs, drug traffickers, rogue government agents, and other degenerates as a basis for depriving American Citizens of their Unalienable Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not only criminal, but an act of tyranny and oppression. ( 2/2009)  
The NRA's Wayne LaPierre Rocks the House! Of course, anyone serious about the 2nd Amendment realizes that automatic firearms are also Bill of Rights protection tools. But, exercise your right and go to jail, or get shot. 
California used to check prez candidates' eligibility Lawsuit seeks school records to verify citizenship status  
Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? Homeland Security seeks
next-generation REAL ID
Tracking Americans while illegals roam freely.
-urgent - Two Great Pro-gun Amendments In The Senate  
2/27/09 Stephen Halbrook with CNN's Lou Dobbs on Gun Control (video)  
2/26/09 Coward is as Coward Does! Please take note of the latest JPFO handbill questioning if Attorney General, Eric Holder is fearful of the Second Amendment. Take a look - it is great!  
2/25/09 AG Holder Announces DEA raid on Mexican drug cartels Our Government has sanctioned illegals and their gangs into the US. Now, they use "crime" to seek to limit our Bill of Rights. The War on Drugs is big business, both for the gangs and government.
2/25/09 Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban: (SOG Comment: Mr. Obama, will go down in history as the first Kenyan to unlawfully occupy the White House, and as the perpetrator of the biggest fraud on the United States of America).  Note: Such weapons are essential for Americans to own so that in the event the politicians become tyrants, we can take back our liberty and freedom.
2/25/09 Eligibility lawyer argues for president's deportation Berg seeks proper treatment for 'illegal alien' --WND  
H.R. 45 (Rush):  This bill would require a license for handguns and semiautomatics, including those currently possessed.  The applicant must be thumbprinted and sign a certification that, effectively, the firearm will not be kept in a place where it would be available for the defense of the gun owner’s family.  The applicant must also make available ALL of his psychiatric records, pass an exam, and pay a fee of up to $25.  The license may be renewed after five years and may be revoked.  Private sales would be outlawed, and reports to the attorney general of all transactions would be required, even when, as the bill allows, the AG determines that a state licensing system is sufficiently draconian to substitute for the federal license.  With virtually no exceptions, ALL firearms transactions (involving semiautos, handguns, long guns, etc.) would be subject to a Brady check.  In addition, the bill would make it unlawful in nearly all cases to keep any loaded firearm for self-defense.  A variety of “crimes by omission” (such as failure to report certain things) would be created.  Criminal penalties of up to ten years and almost unlimited regulatory and inspection authority would be established. (Per GOA Website) How close is are we to another April 19?
2/25/09 Individual States Declaring Sovereignty  
2/24/09 Are you serving in the Armed Forces? - A special message from [video]  
2/24/09 Eleven States Declare Sovereignty Over Obama’s Action  
2/23/09 Is bill lying in wait to ban handguns? Activists worry another Columbine will spark end of 2nd Amendment --WND  [SOG comment: ... there is no real  issue  about whether you have an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms (we are Americans, it is our birthright.). Rather, each American must now ask themselves -- am I willing to stand against  tyranny so that I and my children can live free; and am I willing to die fighting for our God given rights?...]  
2/23/09 Obama’s Homeless Woman Is Actually Real Estate Investor  

2/23/09 Americans boil as Tea Party revolution brews hotter --Exclusive WND.Commentary--

2/23/09 Soldier doubts eligibility, defies president's orders  'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this'--WND  
2/21/09 Govn't. to cut off water to farmers growing food to save fish -- Will this result in importing food from foreign countries? How about deporting illegal aliens who are consuming our precious water and resources?

2/21/09 Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist --WND--

2/20/09 Who Will Kill Whom in Wyoming  

2/20/09 National Guard scraps plans to invade U.S. town --WND--

Military searching for an "arms dealer"...  Question: Why aren't the Militia conducting exercises to protect our homes and neighborhoods ...?
Quote: As government officials continue to destroy our Constitutional Republic and trample our Bill of Rights,  there is no real  issue  about whether you have an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms  (we are Americans, it is our birthright.). Rather, each American must now ask themselves -- am I willing to stand against  tyranny so that I and my children can live free; and am I willing to die fighting for our God given rights? Only by answering such question, will we know whether America will survive as a free country, and whether each of us  will die as free men, or as slaves. We may not have control over the time of our death, but we can determine what we will be when we die. (  - February, 2009)  
Quote: For, in principle, there is no difference between a law prohibiting the wearing of concealed arms, and a law forbidding the wearing such as are exposed; and if the former be unconstitutional, the latter must be so likewise. But it should not be forgotten, that it is not only a part of the right that is secured by the constitution; it is the right entire and complete, as it existed at the adoption of the constitution; and if any portion of that right be impaired, immaterial how small the part may be, and immaterial the order of time at which it be done, it is equally forbidden by the constitution. [Bliss vs. Commonwealth, 12 Ky. (2 Litt.) 90, at 92, and 93, 13 Am. Dec. 251 (1822)  
Quote:  If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government. — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist (#28)  
2/20/09 Obama tells Spanish radio: Immigration reform coming Administration plans to begin drawing up legislation 'over the next several months' (Political prostitutes buying votes for the next election).  
2/19/09 College ousts Marine for legally concealed gun  'Look, no weapons are allowed on campus, period'  
2/19/09 Police pull man over for obama sign ... secret service visits  
2/18/09 Guns and the Constitution: Rep. Itse responds to readers on secession bill  
2/18/09He won, we lost Exclusive: Judge Roy Moore says Obama's 'stimulus'
assaults 'our Constitution, our freedom and our faith'
2/17/09 Extremism or Moderation, That is The Challenge  
2/17/09 Ex-FBI agent: Muslims slowly implementing Shariah in U.S.  
2/1709 Jury orders rancher to pay $77,804 to illegal aliens who were on his property  
2/16 - Illinois: Legislation introduced to require gun owners to carry $1 million insurance policy - Prison Planet - Story  
2/12/09 'Sanctions' sought in eligibility case  President's attorneys file motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from public   The Obama Fraud marches on.

The BOR Does NOT Apply to Illegal Aliens

Our Forefathers engaged in Armed Revolution to Protect our God given rights. If the Illegals want them, then they should go back to their country and see if they have the guts to claim their rights from their own government.
2/11/09 Eligibility issue: McCain checked but not Obama Lawsuit contends Congress failed to qualify Democrat for Oval Office An intruder in the White House, destroying America.
2/10/09 2nd Amendment backers to march on D.C. 
'This is a time for brave men and women to stand up and be counted'
2/10/09 New film uncovers 'homegrown jihad' 
Group left off terror list operates 35 training camps across U.S.
Our enemies are already here.
2/10/09 Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey

Stimulus contains rationed medicine 'Safe, effective' treatments soon to be limited by 'cost'

Government seeking control of your entire life ... 
2/9/09: "We fear not death ... We dread nothing but slavery ... When a country is invaded, the militia are ready to appear in its defense ... they fight for their houses, their lands, for their wives, their children ... for their liberty, and for themselves and for their God". John Hancock March 5, 1774 - speech at Old South Church marking the anniversary of the Boston Massacre.  
2/9/09Resistance to Socialism Building 
There is a tsunami of resistance beginning to build all across this nation
Coach Dave Daubenmire


2/9/09 State Sovereignty is Starting to Steamroll
From The Constitution Party. 

 See Also -  Revitalizing the “Militia of the several States” part -----> 1, 2, 3,

2/9/09 2nd Amendment backers to march on D.C. 
'This is a time for brave men and women to stand up and be counted'
2/9/09 Bailed-out GM to invest $1 billion in Brazil 
Funding will come from package of financial aid from U.S. government (Obama, Congress and the "elite" continue to destroy America)
2/6/09 It's Not About Change, It's About Personal Survival 
Organize your survival boat immediately at midnight, it will be too late
Former Kansas State Trooper, Greg Evensen, Ret.
2/1/09 Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later 
Americans cannot rely on incompetent, fallible, duplicitous representatives
Dr. Edwin Vieira JD

2/1/09 Bill creates Nazi camps in U.S. for 'emergencies' --WND--

1/30/09 More On The New World Order
What Freedom-Loving Americans Can And Must Do
Chuck Baldwin

1/30/09 Impregnating America With Dangerous Cultures
How to destroy America
Frosty Wooldridge
1/30/09 "The Hidden Weapon of "Gun Control" Advocates" by Kirby Ferris  
1/29/09 Protect your gun rights from U.S. government  
1/28/09 - Obama and the Second Amendment by Chris Cox - YouTube - Watch  
1/28/09 Applying Solzhenitsyn's Advice  "Most freedom-minded people are familiar with the following quote from volume 1, page 13, note 5 of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago:"

"'And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? ...'"
1/26 - Gun rights lost in England.  See why it can happen in the U.S. - YouTube Video - Watch    
A person not constitutionally qualified to act as President will be occupying the White House. What do you think? When the "non President" acts to ignore the Bill of Rights, what will you think?  
January 19th 2009Confiscation - The Seeds are Being Planted --read commentary about confiscation of your firearms and steps you can take to wake others up. (JPFO).
Minuteman Pledge - Educating our Youth about the Bill of Rights while teaching them to shoot straight   
Eligibility battle rages on 3 fronts Court, Congress and college challenged on constitutionality  
Globalists 'salivating' over collapse of U.S.
Warning issued over drive for Constitution Convention

Big Brother's new target:
Tracking of all firearms 
'Nothing less than a declaration
of war on American gun owners'
ALERT! Martial Law, Gun Confiscation on the Way?  
'Mistakes happen,' jailed American told
Former sheriff's officer's complaint cites Geneva Convention

Why the Unalienable Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms exists - 

Watch Obama commercial they don't want you to see
Fox, CNN, MSNBC refuse ads questioning Barack's eligibility
Change in the Nick of Time 
Will the people save their constitution?
Dr. Edwin Vieira JD
Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Imagine if there was a Shooting competition program which provided a fun way for youth to learn about the actual Unalienable Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Well, we found one - click here for the PDF program for a Winter Mountain Patrol.  Review the entire program materials at the above link.  The youth of today will be voting soon.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Second Amendment an Individual Civil Right! Read the order and SAF news release

Gun Owners Of America Responds To Decision By Supreme Court



To discuss the 2nd Amendment solely in terms of the defensive use of firearms as against common street thugs is considered by many "gun rights" organizations to be "safer" for fear of "alienating people".  However,  such approach, while accomplishing short terms goals on legislation (e.g., CCW) , is both intellectually dishonest and dangerous in the long term as it ignores the true focus of the 2nd Amendment (i.e., as being the ultimate defense against government officials who seek to tyrannize and oppress) . 






Firearm News

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Arizona gun education bill

Governor Signs Bill, Teaches Actual Gun Safety


Negligent Discharge with Serious Personal Injury
Another ND w/SPI
Another shooter documents his complacency and resulting injury!
U.S. Marine Snipers:
LCpl.  Dalton B. Gunderson, K 3/7, Viet Nam 65-66
Do you Qualify as a Sky Marshal? Can you shoot a "Go" score?
NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

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Visual reminder of why there is a 2nd Amendment:  S. Africa - caution - graphic pictures
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The individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms is about Freedom, Self Defense, Safeguarding the Bill of Rights, and Protecting against Government Tyranny and  Oppression. The  2nd Amendment isn't about sport, games, or hunting -- it's about controlling the deadly force of governments & tyranny.  Government tyranny and genocides continue today. Such is the true subject of the Second Amendment.

It's America - Speak English!

Mohammed Cartoons - (link is for copies): Imagine if you used a cartoon as the excuse to riot and kill people.  A religion of "peace" ??   Too bad the IslamoFascists don't limit their actions to cartoons.  As Americans, we should focus on what our enemy is, not on whether they are "offended". God Bless our American Troops,  and may they be successful in locating the enemy and killing them. A dead enemy saves American Soldiers. We are at war. The Vilification of Enemy Leadership in WWII
U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide (found on Web) - Great Read. All Americans must master use of their weapons.
Saddam official: WMD in Syria  
No. 2 man in air force says weapons moved secretly
--New York Sun
Official: Border Standoff Involved Men in Mexican Army Uniforms... (Department of Homeland Security in state of denial)
IslamoFascists:  Know your enemy 
'The Unlimited Power of the Sword' by Vin Suprynowicz
December 27, 2005 Threatened Faith
12/6 - Amendment II: The Right to Bear Arms - - Story
Illegal Alien Invasion Deadlier Than Iraq
Revolutionary War Veterans Association

One-Shot Drops: Surviving the Myth: Will your hesitation after a 'double tap' get you killed?

November 10, 2005 Project Appleseed: Planting the Spirit of the American Rifleman

October 25, 2005 Martial Law in America


Judge Issues Restraining Order Against New Orleans Gun Seizures

What about "Zero Tolerance" for Bill of Rights Violations?  Do you blindly "follow orders"?

Police Officers and members of the Military,  have a sworn a duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution. As such, they have a duty to refuse to follow illegal orders which violate such oath. The illegal orders to disarm Americans at gun point in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is a disaster merely waiting to happen. Like Katrina, the impact is predictable.  The Bill of Rights are not negotiable and some Americans will defend their rights. The question is, at what point will deadly force Bill of Right Violations (i.e., use of deadly force by Police and Military  to disarm American citizens) result in those citizens responding with deadly force Bill of Rights Enforcement? This is a potentially deadly situation for which the consequences should be openly discussed in the news media. Potentially, government orders to disarm Americans could be more deadly than the disaster (natural or otherwise) which serves as the "basis" for the illegal order to disarm. The question is not novel and the response is predictable. Historical precedent exists. We don't need a Government Ordered Disaster to follow in the wake of  a natural disaster, or attack by radical Islamic terrorists.   Order to Seize American's Guns.  Patriot's Day April 19 --- (Best we remember what happened);   The Battle of Athens, Tennessee  As Recently As 1946, American Citizens Were
Forced To Take Up Arms As A Last Resort
Against Corrupt Government Officials
. Also see Silveira v. Lockyer - Dissent by Kozinski

Considering the alternative, offending Bill of Rights Violators with the truth about the 2nd Amendment  is irrelevant (education is cheap insurance)

The Arms of the People Should Be Taken Away" by Stephen Halbrook 

Out-of-state gangs
'invaded' N'Orleans  
Used boats, SUVs to enter city, turn it
into 'free-fire zone,' says military analyst

--WND - Then law abiding citizens were disarmed by the government officials

Gun Confiscation In New Orleans

"No one will be able to be armed. We are going to take all the weapons."
Deputy Police Chief Warren Riley

September 15, 2005 Will You Take Responsibility for Tyranny?

GOA Files: New Orleans Disarmament

GOA Press Release Denouncing Gun Confiscations
Katrina Educates World On Need For Owning Guns
Video: Citizens Handcuffed, Forced To Give Up Firearms
Elderly Woman Tackled In Her Home, Gun Taken external link
A Cartoon That Sums It All Up, Plus A Quote
So Just What Is GOA Doing About This?


"Police Begin Seizing Guns of Civilians - Local police officers began confiscating weapons from civilians in preparation for a forced evacuation of the last holdouts..."

GOA Denounces Gun Confiscations In New Orleans For Immediate Release
September 9, 2005

Armed militia protects its New Orleans neighborhood. Band of neighbors survived Hurricane Katrina, then fought off looters.

Los Angeles target in new 9-11 threat
Al-Qaida's latest recorded diatribe: 'Everyone of us is Mohammed Atta'

Rescuers told gals on rooftops
to 'show us what you've got'


FEMA chief fired from previous job  
Michael Brown oversaw horse shows, had no significant disaster experience

Newspaper: Fire every FEMA official
New Orleans Times-Picayune prints letter to Bush, cites 'bald-faced' lies

9/2 - New Orleans: A wakeup call for California - - Story

July 4th - Supreme Court Slams Bill of Rights


  Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Leader Urges World to Remember Jewish Resistance

Minuteman Project expanding to 4 states  Civilian monitors will also target employers that hire illegal aliens--WND
 Border Patrol union supports Minutemen
Says it has had no complaints about monitors, blasts Bush over amnesty --WND
Attacks on Border Patrol on rise
132 assaults on agents, including 15 shootings in 6 months
 Illegals slip through outsourcing loopholes?
Bust of aliens maintaining jets raises concerns about safety, security
--Associated Press 
Illegal gets murder charge for killing 19-month-old  
MS-13 gang member allegedly fired 5 shots
into windshield of family out for snow cones
1 million aliens freed by authorities
'Murderers, rapists, child molesters' among those back on streets
--Washington Times  
ACLU aiding illegal entry into U.S.?
Minutemen spokesman charges group with criminal activity
Minuteman Project - Americans doing the Job the Government won't do
Borders, Language Culture - Read "The Enemy Within"  
Have you Used a Save Our Guns Poster? Please let SaveOurGuns know about your experience - merely fill in web form  Thank you.
  Bill to Save Lt. Pantano - Take Action - Write Bush and Congress to support Bill  (See Michael Savage for details) Why doesn't President Bush do something to save an American and stop kissing the behinds of the illegal aliens? 
Geoff Metcalf SHOW NOTES






In History

Genocide against Armenians began with the April 24, 1915

Order to Seize American's Guns.  Patriot's Day April 19 --- (Best we remember what happened)

Remember Nanjing: December 1937 --February 1938

  Nanjing - 1937 “Ten Thousand   Corpse Ditch”, where bodies of mass execution victims were  buried

Ending the 30-year war over abortion
Exclusive: David Kupelian invites 'pro-choicers' to face reality of procedure
A Picture of hypocrisy at the gravest level 10/23/2000: warning graphic photo (Gore & reality) - Politicians continue Holocaust today ... 

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"... it is a fundamental DUTY of the free citizen to keep and bear arms ... It is the business of the citizen to preserve justice in his heart, and the material capacity, including arms, to resist tyranny. These things constitute our character as a free people, which it is our duty to maintain." Alan Keyes
Hitler's Control: The lessons of Nazi history
Internet petition drive to defend "God Bless America!"
Armenian Genocide     /  photos
Boycott Delta! Protest the invasive CAPPS II plan 
Terrorists Beware
Basics of the Second Amendment - Geoff Metcalf 1-27-03 Those who don't understand the Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment (NRA??) should read.
U.S. confrontation with the U.N.
Airplane self defenselessness
Exclusive: Capt. Scott R. Lewis supports arming pilots
Petition for Presidential Veto of Shays-Meehan/McCain-Feingold
2nd Amendment petition sent to Ashcroft
California gun-rights effort said to have nationwide implications
by Jon Dougherty, (this is a two year effort so send in signatures - see petitioner link below) 
Petition: Oppose the National ID
WASH POST: Vast air security screening system to search air passenger data for red flags; Database will include personal, travel and demographic info...

Don't forget: Census data, Safeway Club Cards, income tax records, ... Welcome the "Mark of the Beast". Without our Bill of Rights, America will degenerate into what we are fighting ...

A Petition for Enforcement
of the Second Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States
Fund the Cause - Donate to Pro Guns Organizations
Gun Facts - Version 3.0 PDF (from Guy Smith)
US generals given authority to order airline shoot downs  - But Pilots not allowed to defend same aircraft with guns. It's about Control!
*Passengers' Actions May Have Helped Curb Tragedy...
*Act of heroism aboard plane  
Cell phone calls from hijacked passengers reveal horror
--MSNBC  Sept. 12 —   Using makeshift knives created from shaving supplies and razor blades, terrorists took flight attendants to the back of the airplane and began killing them in order to lure pilots out of the cockpit, and finally take control of one of planes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers.
*Terrorists slit throats of 2 stewardesses
Women 'were trying to stop them from getting inside the cockpit'
*Gun Registration Paves Road to Tyranny by Miguel A. Faria Jr.
Gun control features prominently in the police state designs of totalitarian states with which any student of history is familiar.
-A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control 
-Calif. Standoff Probe Raises Questions
The investigation into a deadly California standoff has raised questions about whether the suspect fired the bullet that killed a deputy or whether the officer was mistakenly hit by a fellow lawman.
-Random Fire - at what? 8-31-2001

A man who lived across the street from Beck said he saw sheriff's deputies firing at a home next door to the suspect's.

I hollered out the window, ‘You're shooting at the wrong house!' “ said the man, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They must have heard us or somthing, because I could hear one of the deputies say, ‘Is it the house with the Explorer?' And another guy says, ‘No, the one next to it.' “

-Proposal to seize property where guns found 8/2001
-She shot the Nazi Officer -the Dutch police officer stood at the door. It was 2 o'clock in the morning, and he was hunting for Jews. Someone must have tipped him off to the three Jewish children sheltered in the home of Marion Pritchard. He entered the living room, his back to the bedroom where the youngsters were sleeping. Pritchard's gut told her he would send them to a concentration camp. Within two minutes, she'd decided what to do. She reached up to a shelf and felt for the revolver given to her for emergencies. "It was him or the kids, so I shot him," she says, unflinching. "It was a moment of excitement. I did it! I did it! The kids are safe! Then it was, what do I do with the body?"
-300 whites evacuated from Zimbabwe
Airlifts amid ransacking of farms by armed government mob
-Doctors Sue to Stop Anti-privacy Rules
Wes Vernon
Thursday, Aug. 2, 2001
Outrageous Federal Snooping

Privacy Nightmare: Money That Tracks You
Exclusive: (NewsMax) Imagine currency containing a computer chip that can track where you got your money and where you spend it. U.S. officials are considering this scheme, reveals Wes Vernon, NewsMax's Washington correspondent.
Either Turn Bush Around on Second Amendment, or the Game is Over.
by Brian Puckett
Here is something you can DO, consistently, ferociously, repeatedly.
Taxing Away Freedom by Paul Craig Roberts
The demand for slavery reparations is a diversion to put Americans off their guard as tax slavery emerges on a global scale.
United Nations Flash Presentation
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Says the author of this spirited movie, "I think it sends the UN the right message, don't you?"
United Nations - threat to your Freedoms and Liberty
Bishop Warns of Sudan's Holocaust --There is a holocaust going on right now, and most of the world is not paying attention ... Baking people to death ...Crucifixion...
General Patton's Speech to Third Army Before D-Day

Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction
by James Perloff 

Springfield Armory M1A battle rifle - 2nd Amendment duty weapon

Slavery Reparations - Repeal the Income Tax

Remember Nanjing: December 1937 --February 1938
It can Happen here! Kent State
Alan Keyes on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms 
Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews - Stephen P. Halbrook 17 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, No. 3, 483-535 (2000) Requires Adobe Acrobat
Order to Seize American's Guns.  Patriot's Day April 19 --- (Best we remember what happened)
Criminals vs. Second Amendment: Self Defense is Your Right, Your Duty

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VCDL Leading The Fight For National Park Carry

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Murder of the innocent: U.S. Government sponsored Holocaust of today 
History revisited
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