The Weapons of the American Citizenry  (the Militia) are "necessary to the security of a free state".

 Any attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment is null and void.  Any attempt to disarm / confiscate the weapons of the American Citizenry is an Act of War. 

  April 19, 1775



   America is founded upon the belief in God.  Our rights derive from God, not governments.

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April 19, 1775

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How strongly do you feel about your Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms? Among friends do you boldly assert that - if the government ever comes for your gun they will get the bullets first! If you are anti-gun, how strong is your view? Are you willing to turn your neighbor in? Are you willing to have the government break down your neighborís door and shoot him because he owns a gun? We are fast approaching the point at which these questions are relevant. Or, can it be said that we have already arrived?

Whether you believe that the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms is your God given right and that it is the bulwark against tyranny and oppression by government, or whether you are of the view that all private gun ownership should be banned, it is time to stop playing "politically correct" in the debate.

We have already seen attempts to negotiate away the onslaught of anti-gun "laws" by using such arguments as "hunting" and "sporting" purposes. Such platitudes were used by the Naziís - and the government slaughter of unarmed people exceeded 13 million. Some argue that gun rights advocates have finally stepped up to the plate: the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is for personal defense of home and family against street thugs, burglars, murderers, etc... . Discussions abound about crime rates. Deathly silent is commentary about the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms as having the foundational purpose of being the ultimate defense against government tyranny, oppression, concentration and/or death camps (and that as a last resort such may necessitate the defensive shooting of certain government officials, military troops etc...). Such silence is dishonest and dangerous.

The cost of gun right advocates trying to be politically "acceptable" in the gun control debate may have deadly consequences far beyond discussions of crime rates, hunting and sporting purposes.

As Americans, we have already been down this road of gun control. Remember that on April 19, 1775, our government at that time ordered military troops to seize our guns and ammunition. Military troops conducted house to house searches. We were ordered: "Disperse you rebels - Damn you throw down your arms and disperse". At that time, Americans stood up for freedom. It was not romantic, nor poetic. People were shot and died, both government troops and patriots. The fight for freedom, the American Revolution, was underway. It was a last resort. It was hell.

Today, our federal and state governments are not only infringing, but seeking to deprive law abiding citizens of their Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Our governments no longer trust "We the People" with guns. How then can "We the People" trust our governments which are supposed to be subject to our ultimate control?

In California, the order has been given to turn in firearms which are protected under the 2nd Amendment (SKS Sporter - detachable magazine). Do you agree? Do you disagree? For purposes of this writing, it doesnít matter! The fact is that the situation itself is extremely serious and potentially deadly! This is not a time to be flippant or arrogant, no matter what side you are on. For I ask you, when government officials break down your door, what WILL you do? Will you refuse to turn over your firearms while your family trembles about you? Will you surrender your weapons? Will you shoot to kill? On the other hand, will the government officials choose to run roughshod over constitutional rights and order the surrender of weapons? Will those government officials shoot civilians and kill them in front of their families? These are hard questions. We must not make the mistake of dismissing them lightly.

Whether you be a misguided bureaucrat, patriot, anti-gun advocate, hunter, sports shooter, or whatever you want to call yourself, it's time that you fully understand the critical importance of the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and that it guarantees that WE the People have the ultimate power of the sword to protect against government tyranny and oppression. Other arguments fall short. As such, ALL must fully understand that if push comes to shove, and the government continues in its efforts to disarm the people, it is submitted that the point will be reached, based upon historical precedent (e.g., April 19, 1775 - American Revolution), that Americans will not disarm without defending. Moreover, Americans will not ignore the history of governments in our century having murdered unarmed peoples (well over 60 million) as reaffirming that the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms is as vital today as yesterday as being the ultimate safeguard of our Bill of Rights.

To ignore the foundational purpose of the 2nd Amendment in any discussion, is not only intellectually dishonest, it is dangerous and potentially deadly.

No rational person looks forward to an armed conflict to protect rights and freedoms. No rational person should ignore that a free people will fight back to defend their God given rights.

We MUST do everything in our power, as did our forefathers, to prevent the attack and erosion of our liberties and freedoms by peaceful means. Education is critical. We must be aggressive with our promotion of the 2nd Amendment and what it is really about. "Nice" and "politically correct", "sporting", and defense against a "burglar" will lead us down a path you really donít want to be forced into. Address the issue head on and tell it like it is, lest we revisit history. Americans as Free people will, AS A LAST RESORT IN THE EVENT ALL OTHER LEGAL PROCESSES HAVE FAILED (and we are NOT there yet), fight back with force of arms to defend against government tyranny and oppression. Americans as a Free people will not surrender their firearms, nor will they compromise liberty and their Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is critical that the debate over gun control address head on the collision course which is in motion. Only then, can we hope to avoid our future becoming merely a reflection of history ignored.

Yours in Liberty,

Save Our Guns



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