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Militia Formation Educational Questions

Are rogue government officials intentionally fomenting civil unrest or civil war?

The 10 Orders American Citizens Will NOT Obey

Tea Party Don't Tread On Me Flags

Reflections Watch it and take a stand

View:   "2AToday for The USA"

Oath Keepers

"Not on our watch!"

Appleseed Project

P. Geller

Jihad Watch

What is a "Three Percenter"

Tenth Amendment Center

The War on Guns


Sharpshooters For Liberty

"Guardians of Liberty ... a Nation of Minutemen"

View: "No Guns for Negroes" (racist history of American gun control laws)

View: "No Guns for Jews"

Gun Control is life insurance for those Government Officials scheming to steal the rest of your Bill of Rights.


American  Minuteman Pledge

Know Your Enemy

Radical Islamic Threat: Are You Ready?

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The Gang


-Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an American
-Illegal Aliens:  Invasion; National Security Threat; threat to the American Bill of Rights Culture 
-Churchill on Islam (1899)

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-Lethal  Laws
-Nazi Repression and Gun Control

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For More Information on Front Sight - click here

-The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 
-She Shot the Nazi Officer ... and saved the children. - what would you do?
-Order to Seize American's Guns - Patriot's Day, April 19th

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-Now is the time for Americans to Defend America
-RKBA Senate Report 1982
-American Holocaust

Obama - Null and Void - Constitutional Crisis

-Prayer to St. Jude





Warning - graphic photographs of reality.       See Our Pro Life Shirts - click here

Holocaust - yesterday and today. A continuing relationship of government targeting people and children.    See Censorship WARNING NOTE below.       

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Clinton Gore - "For the Children"

Pictures speak louder than words.

Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed "the Angel of Death

Now and then. The difference - color photographs.

American Holocaust

Nazi Holocaust

Children subjected to Medical experiments - Auschwitz.


Mass Execution including young boy, just before their murder (Nazi Occupied Soviet Union)


Mass Grave in Belsen Camp

His Name: Baby David (victim)

Source of Above:

Above: Photograph from the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives. An American soldier stands above the corpses of children that are to be buried in a mass grave dug by German civilians from the nearby town of Nordhausen. (April 14, 1945)


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