The Weapons of the American Citizenry  (the Militia) are "necessary to the security of a free state".

 Any attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment is null and void.  Any attempt to disarm / confiscate the weapons of the American Citizenry is an Act of War. 

  April 19, 1775



   America is founded upon the belief in God.  Our rights derive from God, not governments.

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April 19, 1775

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-Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an American

-Illegal Aliens:  Invasion; National Security Threat; threat to the American Bill of Rights Culture 


-Churchill on Islam (1899)

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JACK BOOTED THUGS - STORMING YOUR HOME - kick in doors - full auto assault weapons, ready to kill ("... for the children"): Associated Press Story 4-22-2000 Breaking News
April 22, 2000 
5:45 A.M.
Federal agents, using tear gas and sporting automatic weapons have stormed
Elian Gonzalez's relatives home in Miami, in a pre-dawn raid.
One source says that agents held guns to protester's heads, while warning,
"We'll kill you if you don't give us the boy."
4-22-2000 Castro Demands Return of Elian to Communist Cuba

"Gimme the fucking boy or we'll shoot you."

Reno has "explained" that the "finger" is off the trigger in the HOME INVASION picture. Question: if that Thug's machine gun was pointed at you (after he has just crashed through your front door), would you accept such a B.S. statement? Americans may not appreciate the dangerous situation this country is in, but they are not brain dead (I hope)!

"for the children"... Doesn't that make you  feel all warm and fuzzy?


At least they didn't use tanks, this time.  After all, for an unarmed child and family, MACHINE GUNS with NAZI Raid tactics  were deemed sufficient. Note lack of trigger lock on Thug's full auto machine gun. HITLER would be proud.    (SaveOurGuns editorial comment is in green print).

Click photo for reality check  - 

 Note Nazi Machine Gun 

Date: April 20, 1939   Era: Before WWII: Hitler was aware that scenes with children made him seem less forbidding. His propaganda experts released photographs in which the unmarried Fuhrer was posed in a fatherly manner


Famous photograph (Holocaust - Above): Warsaw 1943, a little Jewish boy, dressed in short trousers and a cap, raises his arms in surrender with lowered eyes, as a Nazi soldier trains his machine gun on him ...


In the U.S.A., for the sake of our children we shall never disarm!

"Give me the boy or I'll shoot you."

"They came in with machine guns. They came in (and) gassed people. This is America. This is not Cuba," thundered Miami Mayor Joseph Carollo.

A leading Spanish-language radio station in the United States, Radio Unica, dismissed the operation as "an intervention worthy of South American dictatorships."


"Give me the boy or I'll shoot you."

Reno's plan to "introduce" a child to what he can expect upon return to communist dictatorship, Cuba.

Thugs ... "put a gun to Elian's head"

Miami's Cuban American Mayor Joe Carollo said. ``This was not a military camp, this was not a military bunker. This is a plain home of decent, hard-working people. There was no need for this.''

JPFO responds to Home Invasion

Gestapo Home Invasion Raid done done without Court Order 

Are the return to pappa pictures actual or fake? (Drudge)

Govt Accused of Abuse Against Elian" - This is no longer about Castro," "It is now about President Clinton and Janet Reno's abuse of power." Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H

The Search Warrant 'Trick'
April 24, 2000 4:13 PM

Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said today that the raid
and the weapons were necessary because the Justice Department had
been told the family might have guns in the house.
``They lied,'' a tearful cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, said
at a news conference. ``We were not armed. All we had was God on
our side.''

Laurence Tribe: Elian Seizure Illegal
April 25, 2000

A Picture of Bill Clinton's America (WND) 4-24-2000


Wall Street Journal 4-24-2000 - Why did they do it?

Report: Cuban diplomats attacked demonstrators

The "Elian Standard of Minimal Force" - Where do we go from here? 4-25-2000

Breaking News: Top Miami Lawyer To Seek Elian's Return
Jack Thompson
April 25, 2000 12:53 PM EST
Lawyer Will Seek Court Order for Guardian
Jack Thompson
April 25, 2000 3:08 PM EST

Janet Reno's Recurring Gulag

Jack Thompson
April 25, 2000
Top Expert: Reno's Legal Lies
Wednesday, April 26, 2000
Child Abuse, Castro Style
Monday, May 8, 2000




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