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Janet Reno's Recurring Gulag

Jack Thompson
April 25, 2000
Read Articles by Jack Thompson in Hot Topics

By seizing Elian and isolating him at an air force base, Janet Reno has effectively cut this child off from his own lawyers.

Janet Reno has a long history of putting opposing parties illegally in solitary confinement and isolation, denying them contact with those, including their lawyers, who could help them.

Greg Craig's current refusal to allow Elian's attorneys to consult with their client, Elian, whom the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals identified as the "plaintiff" in the asylum proceedings, is being done with the enthusiastic approval and cooperation of Janet Reno-because she has done it before herself.

And it works.


Reno showed up on the national political radar screen in the 1980's when she successfully prosecuted Frank and Eliana (ironically the feminine form of the name Elian) Fuster in the Country Walk child molestation case.

As reported here at NewsMax previously, Reno pioneered in that case the use of child psychologists to examine children to determine if they had been abused-a technique Reno refused to extend to Elian, presumably because of her fear of what she might find.

Even more important in securing the convictions of the Fusters than the testimony of the children was the testimony of Eliana, Frank's wife, who "flipped" and became a witness against her husband and for Janet Reno's prosecution.

How did Janet Reno accomplish that crucial flip? Persons came forward, who are available to any Congressional committee wanting to hold hearings about the Elian raid, who stated that Reno put Eliana, an attractive and shapely 19-year-old woman, into solitary confinement, stripped naked because she was on a "suicide watch," in a Dade County jail cell, where Reno visited her up to as many as thirty times alone, "consulting" with Eliana and without disclosing the fact that the meetings were occurring to Eliana's criminal defense lawyer at the time, Michael Van Zanft.

For Reno to have spoken to a criminal defendant, during the pendency of the criminal proceedings, without disclosing such contacts to opposing counsel, is a breach of the Code of Ethics for a lawyer of the highest magnitude.

What is more, witnesses can swear that when Eliana's testimony was taken in the criminal proceeding, Janet Reno, the prosecutor of Eliana who was a criminal defendant at the time, sat next to Eliana and held Eliana's hand during the deposition.

This behavior of Reno, both ethical, bizarre, and possibly perverse, was intended to assure the testimony Reno needed to convict Frank Fuster. How does this writer know all this?

This writer was Eliana Fuster's attorney in her subsequent divorce from Frank Fuster brought by this writer wearing his lawyer's and not his journalist's hat, in 1986. I know Eliana Fuster personally.

Subsequent to Eliana's release from prison and her deportation to Honduras, Eliana attempted to recant her confession and her testimony against her former husband.

Her lawyers had brought Eliana Fuster back to this country where she planned to recant, under oath, her confession and testimony against Frank Fuster, and she was prepared to state that Reno broke her down with the solitary confinement, removal of Eliana's clothing, and unethical debriefing of her without her counsel present.

But frightening pressure was placed upon Eliana by Janet Reno and the INS for her not to do so, threats to prevent Eliana's desired ultimate return to the United States as a citizen.

Gentle reader, does any of what was done to Eliana Fuster remind you of what is going on now with Elian?

The use of isolation to break an opposing party, in this case a six-year-old boy denied his absolute right to meet with his attorneys.

You want another example of Reno's illegal isolation or sequestering of an opposing party in order to deny him his legal rights?

Talk to the South Florida lawyers representing, at the time, Grant Snowden, most decorated police officer in the history of the South Miami Police Department.

The celebrated and respected editorialist of The Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz, and the award-winning senior editor of Readers' Digest, Trevor Armbrister, both have written of the shredding of Officer Snowden's rights by Janet Reno and her child sex abuse unit, thereby securing a conviction and incarceration of Snowden for seven years.

Snowden's conviction was overturned, ultimately, by the appellate courts because of the improper conduct of Reno and her ethics-free legal beagles.

When the final push to spring Snowden was on, Snowden was put in solitary confinement, clearly upon the order of Reno, to keep Snowden from getting his mail and otherwise communicate with the outside world.

Eliana to Snowden to Elian. All a seamless continuum. All of it part of this corrupt lawyer Janet Reno's career-long habit of not just bending the rules but breaking them over her knee, along with the spirits and the rights of those she would destroy. Greg Craig is Reno's latest accomplice in Janet's recurring gulag.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals needs to take note of what is going on here, what has gone on with this Amazon Lawyer from Hell for years.