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Joanie Fischer,

Campaign of 2nd Amendment Events Announced -- "50 MILLION ROUND MARCH" <--CLICK TO GO TO SITE

DATE (Boise, Idaho ) -- May 23, 10 PM -- A campaign of annual events in support of the 2nd amendment has been planned by the "50 Million Round March" beginning this Father's Day, June 18, 2000. Follow-on, annual events are now being planned for Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day and Presidents' Day.

These events will demonstrate to elected officials the resolve and the numbers of those individuals committed to retaining their second amendment rights, and will send a continual message to them to cease enacting laws which infringe on this right for law abiding citizens.

Fathers, their families, friends and neighbors will get together at shooting ranges all over the nation and simultaneously fire over 50 million shots, or "rounds", at each event as a statement in support of the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding citizens. "Range monitors" will be in place at each event to insure that proper firearm safety is observed.

Each event, in addition to target shooting, will include a letter writing campaign directed at congressional representatives, senators, governors and the President informing them of the participants' attendance and their insistence that infringements on this constitutional right cease. As a memento of the event, the participants will include either one of their used targets with their letters, or two spent cartridges in a mailer box with their letters.

One of the organizers, Jeff Head from Emmett, Idaho, related the following reasons for expanding the effort to a full campaign of events,

"The efforts to infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights to self defense are continuous. Despite the clear lessons of history to the contrary, a constant hue and cry for more and more infringement of our 2nd amendment rights is directed at our elected representatives and the public in general.

It is time that we, the law abiding gun owners of this nation, embark on a campaign that effectively counters this. One "event" is not enough, biased "media coverage" of competing "events" and arguments does not effectively counter the opposition. We must find a way to continually punctuate to our elected officials that the 2nd amendment means exactly what it says ... "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed", and that responsible firearms ownership and use are one of the great traditions and hallmarks of American liberty, as well as one of the reasons for our unprecedented peace and prosperity as a people. We abandon such a hallmark and tradition at our peril, as history so pointedly demonstrates.

It is our belief, that the five annual events being planned by the "50 Million Round March" represent a grass roots effort which will send a direct and unbridled message from constituents to representatives without intervening media spin or emotional distortion. It is our belief that such a grassroots effort, involving as many of the gun owners of this nation as possible, is exactly what is required to overcome the continual barrage of emotional and distorted claims of those clamoring for more "gun control", and to inspire our elected officials to do their constitutional duty and hold the 2nd amendment inviolate.

In addition, we believe that such a campaign can infuse additional growth and vigor into the entire gun industry. This is good for America and will contribute to the safety of our children. The more law abiding, responsible citizens who buy firearms and ammunition, the safer and more secure our society becomes."

This effort, which officially holds it's first event on Father's Day, June 18th, has garnered the support of a growing number of conservative web sites, gun shops, firing ranges, and conservative media outlets.

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