The Weapons of the American Citizenry  (the Militia) are "necessary to the security of a free state".

 Any attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment is null and void.  Any attempt to disarm / confiscate the weapons of the American Citizenry is an Act of War. 

  April 19, 1775



   America is founded upon the belief in God.  Our rights derive from God, not governments.

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WND Exclusive
Father's Day
'50 Million Round March'

Gun-rights supporters to stage event
in support of 2nd Amendment

Article Date: Saturday June 17, 2000

By Jon E. Dougherty

In response to last month's anti-gun Million Mom March held on Mother's Day in Washington, D.C., an Emmett, Idaho, man has proposed a similar "march" of sorts for Father's Day in support of gun rights.

Jeff Head, one of the organizers of the 50 Million Round March, is rallying pro-gun fathers and their families to "march" to shooting ranges around the country on Father's Day and fire-off 50 million rounds of ammunition "as a statement in support of the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding citizens."

"The efforts to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights to self defense have been escalating in the recent months," Head said in a statement about why he became involved in organizing the 50 Million Round March. "A veritable chorus from political pundits and the mainstream media are trying to convince us that it would be 'best for the children' to further restrict firearm use and sales by honest, law-abiding citizens."

However, says Head, what is best is to allow law-abiding Americans the right to choose their own method of self-defense and family protection -- including the "uninfringed" benefit of the Constitution's 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

"Historically it is clear that it would be 'best for the children' for the people to remain armed. Responsible firearm ownership and use are one of the great hallmarks for American liberty and our unprecedented peace and prosperity as a people," Head noted.

Organizers said the event, which officially started Tuesday, had already garnered the support of many websites, gun shops, firing ranges and media outlets.

"Honest Americans will continue to be at a disadvantage to armed criminals until the current 20,000 gun laws are repealed," said Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne. "None of these laws stops violent crime; all of them intrude into our privacy and our ability to defend ourselves. Thus, I wish the 50 Million Round March well."

"They're going to try to fire-off 50 million rounds of ammunition at training ranges across America on Sunday and I'll bet they do it," said Alan Korwin, author of several books on gun law and publisher of Bloomfield Press. "The mainstream media has been silent about it but men everywhere seem to be looking forward to it. It's simple and elegant -- a wholesome family outing in support of the Bill of Rights."

The National Rifle Association, in its weekend online NRA Live, provided a detailed report of the Father's Day event, including an interview with Head.

"I think gun owners are waking up and realizing that they can't compromise anymore," said Ginny Simone, host of NRA Live's weekend report, commenting on the event.

"At this point in American history, the 50 Million Round March is the right idea at the right time," added Aaron Zelman, executive director of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. "This effort is a very sound but simple idea to send a direct message to all of those who despise liberty. May any such individuals hear the volleys at the firing ranges and quake in their jackboots."

The event is also supported by the Second Amendment Sisters, a pro-firearms women's group that held a counter-march to the Million Mom March in Washington last month.

"We are pleased to support the idea of fathers and their children coming together to enjoy a family holiday by participating in a shared interest and what, for many, is an honored tradition that has been passed through the generations," said the Second Amendment Sisters in a statement released this week.

During the event, shooters from around the country "will safely discharge over 50 million rounds from personal firearms in the space of two hours without harm or injury to those taking part at any official shooting range around the country," said Head. "This in itself will send a powerful message regarding firearm safety and responsible use by law-abiding citizens."

Range monitors will be present at ranges to ensure firearm safety, he added.

Group organizers said follow-up events -- which Head would like to see annually -- are being planned for Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day and Presidents' Day, along with a yearly Father's Day event. No mention was made of Mother's Day.

In addition to target shooting, each event would include a letter-writing campaign directed at congressional representatives and senators, as well as state governors and the U.S. president, informing them of the shooter's participation in the event and their "insistence that infringements on this constitutional right cease."

"As a memento of the event, the participants will include either one of their used targets with their letters or two spent cartridges in a mailer box with their letters," said a statement.

Officials said they did not want shooters to send in silhouette targets -- targets with outlines in the shape of a person -- or live ammunition, only spent cartridges and simple paper targets with "bull's-eye-type" centers or images. Organizers also ask that participants do not send threatening letters or images such as actual photographs of lawmakers or officials with bullet holes in them. Organizers have already designed a sample target participants can download and use.

Head emphasized that the focus of the event is simply to let officials and lawmakers know that a healthy number of Americans care about and appreciate gun rights, and to remind lawmakers that gun ownership and use is a "right constitutionally guaranteed."

"The 50 Million Round March does not advocate making any direct or physical threat to any elected representative or their person. The 50 Million Round March does advocate writing letters to our representatives regarding the seriousness of the Second Amendment. We do not discourage people including (if they so desire) tasteful and commemorative mementos with those letters," said a May 31 policy statement.

Jon E. Dougherty is a staff reporter for WorldNetDaily.





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